Yes you are a City Of Champions. Congratulations to the fine folks for being the best and you are in the Center of the Sporting Universe in Canada. There are no rivals, football, hockey, soccer etc. With todays crowd, the total 8 home game attendance is a whopping 339,854 for an unbelievable per game average of 42,481. There is no doubt this average will be maintained with the last home game against BC.

Hey thanks, I'm really proud to be a part of the Edmonton fans and our large attendance average.

I’ve never seen that many rider fans in Commonwealth so hats off to them.

i agree EEsks, in the section i was sitting in, i was completely surrounded by rider fans. Didn't get into any arguments with them though.

.........that is unbelievable attendance.......great job eskimo fans!!........

gotta give some of this praise to rider fans, there were a ton at the game...

.......absolutely, but for an 'average' attendance that is still excellent........

And isn't Calgary coming to Commonwealth soon? I expect that average to go up some...

games actually in calgary, but we got bc here and last time we had them earlier this year we had 48,000. If the weathers good i can see us tying or breaking that attendance.

GREAT stuff and you should be proud. BUT, how many SASK. fans came to that game? They should be proud , as well. :wink:

But the MONTREAL / ARGO game next week at the BIG O , should be huge as well. :smiley:

And because this game is not a play off game the MONTREAL team gets to keep the money for itself. :smiley:

Great for the CFL. :smiley:

it'll be nice to see the Big O on t.v. for the first time in a long time.

lets just hope the argos can escape with the win! ( so i can watch the Scotia Bank East Final in Toronto! )

I have read that the Als already have sold 42,000 for the Argo game, so a sellout of 54,000 is anticipated. We had 37,000 last year for the semi so if the final was in Toronto and the way things are going so far this year, I would be shocked if there was not a sellout at the Crapdome of 53,000.

with crowds like that, no wonder you can afford all ur high priced talent! great to see commonwealth packed like that, with both eskies and rider fans! awesome crowd!!!

EXCELLENT POINT!!!!!!!!!!! .......CFL fans in other cities.............take note!

VERY TURE!!!! Ottawa should have leant that already.

but Edmonton can have attendences like that becase of it's big stadium, if Winnipeg had a Stadium like that, we'd have attendence firges like that too, but the Peg isn't a sports city like Edmonton, I give you guys that.

how many sellouts has winnipeg had this year? b/c i couldn't see them having attendances like edmonton ever, kanga....

They management haven't put on as good as a product as Edmonton has, mate. But the Peg is a big sporting town, just look back to the days of the Jets and the white outs. aaawww, the memories are coming back!

Edmonton, you rock! Think I'm going to retire in Edmonton, what a sports town and true Canadian all the way!

You guys should fill Commonwealth for the battle of first place!

iam sick of all u Eskimos fans saying that the Eskimos havce teh most fan support. First of all, it is hard for the riders to fill there stadium when the whole province is a million people, and the city of Edmonton is the same size, so they are probably going to get more fans. And second of all, the Rouighriders have a 7 hour radio show before, during, and after every game, no porfessional team can beat that.