52 Players On Active Roster. Supposed To Be 46. What Gives?

There are 52 players on the current active roster and as of 3:00 p.m. June 25 they were supposed to be down to 46 players. Using my grade 1 math, they are currently 6 players over the limit. How is this possible? The extras aren't practice roster players as a player has to be released first before he can be offered a spot on the practice roster. I would love an explanation as to how they've managed to keep 52 players on the roster.

as of right now we have 53 on the active roster, meaning we are yet to put the 7 on the PR, hold your horses, it will all be figured out soon.

Hey Pope im pretty sure hes right about the PR... however in the past i recall them making all final cuts and then adding players to the PR.

and im just going by what makes sense to me, i dont know how its "supposed" to be done or "should" be done, im just saying considering we have 53 players on the active roster right now, when ur supposed to have 46 plus 7 on the PR

46+7= 53 (i think) :smiley:

Obviously the practice roster scenario makes sense, but unless they've changed the rules this year, a player has to be released (and I think he has to clear league waivers) before he's put on the practice roster. jordan02 there are 52 not 53 players on the active roster. Count 'em.

i still count 53, :?

but theres a reason i took applied math, so i could be wrong,

3 QB's
4 RB's
2 FB's
8 WR's
8 OL
10 DB's
7 LB's
8 DL

1 kicker

plus robichaud and matechuk snapping

im reading this of off CHML,

Yep, 53 players on the CHML site....BUT they've got Bekasiak still listed as a D-lineman. That makes it 52. I always use the roster on this site as it's always accurate and quickly updated.

woah good eye, i didnt even notice that,

so 52, but then when you add John Williams, its right back to 53,

so yea, still 53.

After another quick check they've got Willis listed as a receiver. Back to 52. Let's see here 53 players on the CHML site - 2 mistakes = 51 + John Williams = 52. I've got it all figured out, now I can go to bed.

on the projected practice roster they've got 6 players instead of 7, and then they can take one person off the one game injured and add him to the pr i guess? and then it all works out?

I think a couple of the newbies (Wladichuk and McCauig) are going to be returned to University ball.

In the case of McCauig, he is only listed @ 229 lbs ... far too light for a D-Lineman.

On the 7-man practice roster, at least 2 of the 7 must be non-imports, with one of the two being a player who was drafted this year. I'm guessing that McCuaig will be the one placed on the practice roster.

According to the 46-man rosters posted on cfl.ca the 6 extra players not listed are: Toeaina OT, Cobb RB, Allard-Cameus RB, McCuaig DL, Isaac Brown LB and Lamont Reid DB. This looks like it will be our practice roster, plus one open spot for a possible newcomer.

7 players on the practice roster is a maximum, not a requirement.

I believe you are bang on with your observation.