52 minutes good enough for the Cats?

It is too bad that the team forgot there are 60 minutes in a game and began celebrating their win at the 52 minute mark. Their pass rush disappeared, ball hawks in the back field disappeared, and basically the team went back to their mediocre selves. Such a shame, for the first half I was thinking to myself that they looked like a contender who might even be able to beat Calgary, but now I am not so sure. :-X

Was it the players, or the defensive play-calling by the DC?

The only thing a Prevent Defence does is, It Prevents you from winning. :frowning:

This team celebrates every stop or tackle; all that wasted energy means they are tired late in both halves. Last night though, the pass rush slowed due to continual holding by Argos, which was not called. The game was very entertaining.

Gawd I haven't heard that since my Dad said it back in the 70's. BUT. It still holds true today.

I think it was everything; the coaches went into "don't make a mistake" mode and the players dropped down to second gear effort wise. Really a shame, it really was. BUT - I don't think you will see it happen again, just like Ottawa won't let it happen again.

I don't get that either. Make the play and get back in the huddle. It's like they need a self-esteem boost every few minutes.

Watching the Colts game last night, I saw written on their quarterback's wrist band was "focus for 60 minutes"

Something Hamilton needs to learn from....

The game decider was the 3rd and 17 pass completion to Posie. As soon as he caught the ball, 3 defenders were within 2-3yds of him. Dahhhhhhhhh 1 of you couldn't have been there, a little tighter and knocked down pass? Poor defending.

If we had scored a TD on first-and-goal, we would have been another 4 points up at this point...

Old June likely sent the word to play prevent...he is used to the old-school nfl that you can run the clock.He just doesn't know Canadian football...why is he there besides making everyone like him...like doesn't win ball games!


That’s the old-school nfl way…try & run the clock…boy I would love to have Austin back…he was tough but he knows football.

Offsides on Saunders wasn’t it? We get your dislike of Hamilton coaches relic, any other opinions?