52-0,preseason,37-0 regular

Kinda ironic is'nt it,that when we blew the doors off of Wnp.in pre-season,the majority of their line-up was rookie laden.Well yesterday's squeaker of a game,saw us with 18 rookies in the line-up,including 3 starters on offence and 7 on defence.The only difference being,that this game counted!!!Hell,lets admit it we're still in pre-season mode,players coming and going,different starters,switching up positions every game,no continuity what so ever(yes we have injuries,but what team doesn't).This team right now reminds me of that old kiddies game called musical chairs.....be patient little johnnie you'll be on the roster soon!!! This team as long as their motto is "LETS BLOW IT UP GOOD" year in,year out will never be anything but a glorified beer league squad!!!.Constantly turning over 2/3rds of your roster year in ,year out and what do you expect!!! :frowning: :oops: :thdn: