51,000 and Counting

I just got a letter from the BC Lions Football Club regarding my Grey Cup tickets. Over 51,000 tickets have been sold. It's gonna be loud in the Lions den November 27th. If the Lions host the Western Final I bet they sell that out too. That's potentially 111,111 people in 2 games. Oh yeah! Party time.

All those fans watching Argos play the eskies.
Thank you all!!!!

A party none the less. And for your info saskargo I would be cheering for the Argos.

Me too!!!!!

can ya guess who I will be chearing for?

......I'd hate to be that half guy in each game........

The Habs!!!

I'll be chreeing the team for the East.


Somebody wake her up! she's obviously dreaming :lol:

Awesome and thanks...........with the way B.C. is playing , any thing else would be disappointing...........RIGHT ON.

argos will be in grey cup! :smiley:

Better buy those last tickets....Remember CBC is honouring the BC labour laws....If they don't give the game to TSN, then there will be no TV..... :cry:

Speaking of TSN, heres a question. Since TSN is committed to Sunday night NFL, would they be able to get out of their contractural agreements to show the Grey Cup game if CBC is on strike and cannot do it?????

If CBC doesn't air (or at least let someone else air) the Grey Cup this year, I would be very suprised if the CFL didn't terminate their relationship with the CBC.

I really hope either TSN can get out of showing their NFL game that day, or that Sportsnet/The Score/CTV/anyone else will air the game.

We could always reconsider the R&W-3/10 play-by-play option we visited earlier.....with some modifications for video feed, of course..... :smiley:

Sportsmen....don't put that out there for gawds' sake....no grey cup on the tube....no Chris Walby analysis......no this cannot happen ....if this strike drags into the Cup ....what about the playoff game involving the Lions....this is bloody gloom and doom....to say the least....

Braley is already rattling his sabre about reviewing the contract with CBC next season.

Hello CBC Execs.... did you forget what happened to Curling when you screwed that one up too?

Good idea. We'll get you to do the sideline interviews. Turkeybend can do his half time analysis.

Hello CBC execs...sign us up!

I just threw that out there for a reaction....I cannot see the CFL letting the playoffs and the Grey Cup slip by. I'm sure TSN would get first crack and then Sportsnet.

Only problem with that is what about the people with NO cable or NO sattellite? They are the ones that are screwed.

Naw, I like CBC signing us up to do the game instead. Can't you picture R&W in his cape...."WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMAN TO BC PLACE, FOR TODAY'S GREY CUP GAME......"

BC is going to crash. Peaking WAAAAYYY too soon. It happens all the time in pro sports. 1st place means nothing in the post-season. It would be nice to see them win........any WESTERN team as far as that goes. (so...obviously BC, EDM, or CAL)