50th Anniversary of the 1972 Grey Cup Victory

I thought the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' Promotions/Marketing Dept. did a piss poor job of acknowledging the 1972 Champs. These sorts of things are normally celebrated during Halftime, but this past Friday the Halftime show was dedicated to Danny McManus' addition to the Ring of Honour.

The "celebration" of the 1972 team was limited to lining up 4 surviving members of that team (Bob Krouse, Garney Henley, Tony Gabriel & Chuck Ealey) on the sideline in the North Endzone during a 1stQ TSN commercial timeout, and briefly showing them on the big screen in stadia while the PA announcer requested a round of applause for these gentlemen . . . no nostalgic highlights of the game at all. They did not mention the score, nor the fact that they defeated Ronny Lancaster's Saskatchewan RoughRiders on that day 50 years ago. Nothing. It was over in less than a minute.

I thought it was pathetic. In my opinion, it should not have been scheduled for the same day that Danny was being honoured. Sad.

On the other hand, I thought the Tiger-Cats did a nice job of acknowledging Danny McManus and giving his family an opportunity to celebrate this honour with him, on the field at halftime.


that was a great game


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Could have had Ian Sunter the last minute hero of the game.

I last saw him was a few years ago working at a Burlington arena skate shop.
Haven't been to that arena in a couple years. Hope he is well.

on a random video call recently at work I wore my tiget-cats hat (it was an internal call).

the fella who was from London Ontario immediately saw my hat and gleefully regaled about his time as a youth in Hamilton, which was highlighted by attending the '72 grey cup. He remember the exact day, the weather, the score, everything. This is someone who proclaimed himself a "huge" NFL fan, but didn't follow the CFL.

I just told him with memories like that to give the CFL another shot.

He isn't going to I'm sure....but it was still great to hear the excitement about that game from someone who was there.

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