50th anniversary of our Nations Flag

Since 1965


Much improved on this


How is it an improvement ?

Changing the flag was a partisan move by the Pearson Liberals who cut off debate when the country was evenly divided. Should have been an election issue.

Then they go out and get an ad agency with ties to the Liberal party to design it and then come back with, and low and behold, a flag with the colours the Liberal Party uses in its advertising.

How it all came about was shameful and cheesey.

Huge improvement. Uniquely Canadian. I take a quick look at the old flag and if passing it quickly you would not have a clue if it was the flag of a country, a province, another British possession somewhere else in the world. One look at the Maple Leaf and everybody in the world instantly knows - Canada!

It is one of the very best flags in the world IMO. (and besides I’m glad we did not end up as Red, White and Blue as was pushed by Pearson in the design he liked because that would make us look like we were just copying the American colours.)

Seymour's favorite versions. :wink:


Seymour's favorite version. :wink:


How well do you know the flag? I got 8 out of 10. Ti-Cats make the quiz.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/multimedia/how-well-do-you-know-canada-s-flag-take-the-quiz-1.2954493]http://www.cbc.ca/news/multimedia/how-w ... -1.2954493[/url]

What you are missing, dork, is that Pearson's preferred version was red, white & blue (three red maple leaves in the middle and two blue borders.

What was approved dumps the blue, and that is in keeping with Canada's official colours, which are red and white only. Canada's official colours as red and white were approved in the proclamation of the coat of arms in 1921.

So the Liberal party's use of red and white follows the official colours, and does not precede them.

It can't be....after all there's still a Canadian symbol on it (Maple Leaf)!!??

Well there's always this version:

The official colours as red and white was an obscure fact known to almost no one used as a convenient cover to give the impression of bipartisanship. Liberals wanted a red and white flag because that was the colours they used. Marketing 101.

Have no idea what Pearson's real motivation was, but he was only one voice in the process which turned into an ugly, partisan one which happens every day in politics.

Should have went directly to the people with a vote for change and or design - Liberals wouldnt do it - and that says a lot.

We have a great flag despite some of the conspiracy theories. If Deif the Chief had his way, our flag would have sheaves of wheat surrounded by a single brain cell. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Not sure about the accuracy of that account.

There was a 15 person flag committee made up of 7 Liberals, 5 PC's, 1 NDP, 1 Social Credit and one from the Railliement creditiste Members of Parliament. They received over 3500 entries including the one preferred by Pearson (3 red leaves on white with blue side bars) and one submitted by historian George Stanley based on the flag of the Royal Military College. When it went to a vote the Conservatives assumed all the Liberals would stick with the 'Pearson Pennant' so they voted for the all red and white flag submitted by Stanley - and were shocked when all the Liberals did too. So it was a 15 - 0 vote for the flag basically as it looks today.

The committee took that unanimous recommendation back to Parliament - but Diefenbaker would have none of it and filibustered. The debate continued until the Liberals invoked closure after six weeks of debate and 250 speeches. The final vote on December 15, 1964 with francophone Conservatives swinging behind the Liberals - the committee's recommendation was accepted 163 to 78. Queen Elizabeth approved in on January 28th, 1965 and the flag was inaugurated on February 15th, 1965.

And I as the youngest male student at St. Augustine's School in Dundas at that time had the honour of raising the new flag for the first time up the school's flag pole.

Not sure where you got the ad agency story.

The MAPLE LEAF flys high and proud for Canada and all Canadians!
She is a great symbol for "O CANADA"!

When appropriate the Stars and Stripes will always be proud to fly along side her neighbor.

Happy Anniversary to the mighty MAPLE LEAF!

Here Here Pat! Way to stop the revisionist historian amongst us. :rockin:

One little known fact (from what I have read in several newspapers this past week* ) was that the original design had a 13 point maple leaf on it. It was changed to 11 shortly thereafter. I'm not sure but it might be a case of 1960's Triskaidekaphobia.

[url=http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/triskaidekaphobia]http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ ... dekaphobia[/url]
  • other than here (mentioned in the second last paragraph):
[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2015/02/14/a-flag-of-canadas-own-for-50-years]http://www.torontosun.com/2015/02/14/a- ... r-50-years[/url]

My memory about the 13 point flag (from the perspective of someone who had recently turned 9 years old) was that an uncle had given me the 13 point variety but replaced it shortly after they changed it to 11 points. If I still had the 13 point flag I'm sure it would be worth a lot to a collector. :wink:

I love our flag. Everywhere I've traveled globally its been immediately recognized and I'm treated kindly. Makes it easy to distinguish us from Americans :smiley:

Earl: your post is inappropriate for this site as the language in your picture is quite offensive. Not cool. :thdn:

It's remarkable to think that there was a time, within living memory of many of us, when the prime minister of the day did not make every significant decision by himself.

Here is my second favourite flag.


whats any of this got to do with pro football?

The flag did causer a rift( no maples out west) ,but in the end it turned out OK. What about the anthem ,should we have stayed with the maple leaf forever.


This I know.

During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, CBC did quick hit, person on the street interviews asking people what they knew about Canada. Many hemmed and hawed giving the usual stereotypical answers, Mounties, maple syrup.

And then out of the mouth of babes, they asked a ten year old boy, his reply…

“You’ve got a cool flag”

Nuf ced!