5000 yard milestone

As it stands now it looks like only Rickey Ray and Anthony Calvillo have a good shot at reaching 5000 yards Damon Allen can do it but he cant afford a low passing game

RR 13 gp 4383 yrds 337 yrds p/g needs 123 per game
AC 12 gp 3988 yrds 332 yrds p/g needs 168 per game
DA 12 gp 3339 yrds 278 yrds p/g needs 277 per game
KJ 13 gp 3326 yrds 255 yrds p/g needs 334 per game

At his current rate, Calvillo would be 18 yards short of getting 6000 for the second year in a row. He needs an average of 335 yards par game to reach it.

And speaking of repeating last year's great performance, for the Als to have 4 receivers with 1000 yards, here is what these guys need to gain :

  • Kerry Watkins needs 0 yard (he's already above 1000)
  • Dave Stala needs 193 yards (an average of 32 per game)
  • Terry Vaughn needs 269 (an average of 45 per game)
  • Ben Cahoon needs 316 (an average of 53 per game)

I never look at those
That would be a nice repeat

They have a really good chance to do it too, with 6 games left!
2 years in a row with 4-1000 yard receivers would be awesome, especially since 3 of them are new from last year.
I bet Thyron Anderson gets quite a few yards too in the next 6 games.

I would like to see Vaughn get it for 11 years in a row

Brian Chiu was just on the Team 990 on the Als this week and said that the guys loved Matthews going for the 2 point conversion in BC, and said it showed that Matthews has confidence in the offense and the team, not that he doesn't have confidence in the D like some said. He said the guys are rallying around it, uniting and are going to kick ass.