5000 Post Club on CFL.ca/Ticats.ca

I Finally Am making my 5000 Post ..
Here are the Stats ..
Joined: Aug 14, 2005
Total posts: 5000
[1.21% of total / 5.00 posts per day]

I look forward to my 10,000th Post oh in 2 years or so

the 5000 Post Club aka Top 10 Posters are
1)redwhite2005 Calgary Apr 02, 2005 13619
2)ro1313 Montreal Apr 01, 2005 12954
3)Kanga-Kucha Atlanta Apr 01, 2005 8849
4)Sportsmen Cariboo B.C. Apr 01, 2005 8615
5)jm02 Prince Albert Jul 06, 2005 8106
6)RedandWhite Calgary Apr 01, 2005 7846
7)Earl Apr 04, 2005 6816

8)sambo42 Apr 08, 2006 6354

9)hellothere toronto May 09, 2005 5697
10)Onknight Aug 14, 2005 5000

Just under 5000 Posts
11)drummer_god May 17, 2006 4920
12)oski-oui-oui May 22, 2006 4617
13)FootbalYouBet Jun 17, 2006 4424

Hats off to redwhite2005 with 13,619 Post and Counting.
His Stats.
Joined: Apr 02, 2005
Total posts: 13619
[3.29% of total / 12.01 posts per day]

Well, two prior incarnations of this site POOF!-ed my earlier totals of posts, so I will have to slog another 382 times to get my merit badge, eh Tom? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Truth is My Russ my Friend ..
Since Ticats.ca Has had fourms
They have been updated. 2 or 3 Times
Since those post are gone for ever.
We can't count them

If we where able to count the other two Forms
We both be close to 10,000 Posts I Bid.

But since we can't count post that longer exist
Will have to use the total here.

GL with 382 More posts

DOES ANYBODY REALLY CARE? To me it sounds like you post for the sake of posting. I wish I had time to waste like this!

People count???

Wow. :roll:

LMAO :wink:

Well, the website does count...and the 5,000 figure was cited, so 5000-(post total given) = what's left for the Tiger Town Datarrhea...I mean Merit Badge. :wink:

:D :D :D

Counting days until training camp works for me. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I’m lagging far behind!



Rusty, there's a big difference between 'quantity' and 'quality'.

You may be lagging behind on the 'quantity' scale, but you're doing just fine on 'QUALITY'

Don't change a thing.

Thanks man.

I go in spurts on ticats.ca due to work, family, etc...

The off season just drags on for so long! I want my Ticats football!

I'm so excited for my son to grow older so that I can take him to his very first game! I swear if he grows up to be an Argo's fan I'll sell him to the gypsies! hahahahahaha

I Find those best Time to write the Off Season.
Cause there is not much else to do ..

Apparently someone does or they wouldn’t have started the thread. If you’ve read any of Tom’s or Russ’ posts you wouldn’t make that statement. They are both very knowledgeable football fans and I enjoy their posts. If you combined the former ticats.ca and the new one, I’d probably have over 5000. Most of them probably weren’t worth reading.

Posting/time spent online has really decreased for me and I think that’s a good thing.

Is the "club" for members with 5000 posts under one username only? :wink:

BG, rest assured your knowledgeability of football and the team is impressive, IMHO! Your posts are also very enjoyable to read!

Oski Wee Wee,

The way It has to be done Zontar..
Wish I Could count the others
I'd be close to 10,000 if We included 14TC64 for 1st TICAT.ca

Ya BG Your a Great Poster and Love Reading your Posts..

I always read your posts BG, they are just toooo cute! :wink:

Geez, am I really that high? Nobody show Mrs Sportsmen that stat. She thinks I'm working around the yard, fixing this, cleaning that, while she is out working.

I could be strung up! :lol: :lol: :lol:

You know who the best poster is on this site?

Beetlejuice. I agree with most things he says and he doesn't respond for the sake of responding.

I really take offence to what BG has to say. We are all fans but when I come on a couple times a week and see that the same guy has started 9 out of the 10 new threads and has responded to everything, I don't really want to come on here any more.

We know what Onknight thinks about everything. I try to only throw my few cents (sense) in when I want to make a valid point.

Do you think I really need a countdown to free agency? No, I'm sorry I don't and I don't need an update every 5 minutes reminding me that free agency is in 10 minutes. People are submitting for the sake of submitting.

Please have something half decent to say and make valid points.

Beet will remember the thread that got taken down about cheerleaders. Right Beet?

Anyways, now I'm going to get bombarded with responses and people are going to be mad. We are all Ticat fans but we don't care if you have 5000 posts or have a mock draft of university players that no one has ever heard of or ever will.

I hate all the negativity as well. There was a post where someone was so excited about the season to start and Buzz Killington (Onknight) starts into about how bad we will be and don't get your hopes up. Please, we have suffered enough!

Oh the suffering! Oh the offense!

  1. Submitting for the sake of submitting -- Who cares if it's football-related? Who's counting? And if people are counting, so what? Whoopee.

  2. "Please have something half decent to say and make valid points"???

Apart from the mods who generally ensure that things are not libelous in this place, who needs a thread cop? So please don't posture to be one.

  1. Negativity: all I've read here is the "I hate all the negativity" denouement after...wait for it... NEGATIVITY.

Beet is cool ( a pleasure to read), but don't fig leaf a dumping session on Onknight with this revelation.

  1. I'm trying to figure out when I've taken offense to ANYTHING BG has written here in these forums that I've read. Can't help there, sorry.

  2. Onknight is what he is. His posts generate a lot of discussion on this board, which I imagine is a good thing, being a football site and all.

I would rather have a mock draft that someone has taken time to post as I can either CHOOSE to read or not than "please have something half decent to say and make valid points."

I missed the call for a crusade.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thanks for the props guys. I think that the post counts do serve a purpose at times, especially when someone is impersonating another member or a newbie just plain trolling. It can be the only way to tell sometimes and we have had that problem on here in the past. It also is good for a newbie who may need help using the boards and asking for help from someone with hundreds of posts might be better than someone who is a new member themselves. Then there is a problem when someone counts the number they have and attempt and try to reach milestones, it adds to posting for the sake of posting and is a drag at times thats for sure. I am all for nuking the post counts and going to some other way to show seniority and length of membership such as......freshman, sophmore, junior, senior, pro etc. Ive seen that on certain sites where it was used to show member status but not post count and it stopped people from posting to reach a high count. Its really not a big deal though and I enjoy most of Toms posts as well and took offense to some that were removed quickly for that reason but you take the good with the bad at times I guess and thats what mods are for. BG is one of the best posters on this site.