".500 quarterback" is going to the Grey Cup

Congrats to Glenn on the big Calgary victory over BC. Looking forward to cheering him on at the Skydome next Sunday. :rockin:

Agree. A classy, underappreciated and under-rated quarterback. Congratulations to him and the other ex-Ticats on the team. Congratulations also to the Argos for a great win earlier. What a great team win, from their front office on down. This is a day of complete envy for a long time Ticat season ticket holder. Former players leading to victory and a hated rival completely rebuilt and competitive (sigh). Oh well, maybe by 2020 we can field something we can be proud of. Or maybe have a Grey Cup appearance.

He deserves this big time :thup: I hope the Argos get stamped :rockin:

Both teams today, were full value for their wins; Stamps and Argos. Congratulations to two great teams!

Today was "Upset Sunday!"

Congratulations to Kevin Glenn. :thup:
I seem to remember comments here this past season about QB's "needing time to jell" and teams with new coaches "needing time to jell".
Seems to me the Stamps and the Blue team dismissed those excuses this season. It's all in the coaching.

Once the Cats were out, I was all-in for Calgary. Will be great to be there in person to see Glenn get the ring he should have won back in 2007. Never hid being a fan of Glenn's, never hid not liking how he was treated when he was here; can't wait to see him shut up all his critics next week.


                        1. We went from eastern playoff finals(last year) to missing the playoffs this year.
                        2. From 2nd place last year to last place in the CFL this year.
                        3. We trade away a QB who is how going to the GC.
                        4. We watch the ARGOS go from last place last year to the GC this year.

     WHATS NEXT???????????????????????????????????????????????

                     IF THE ARGOS WIN THE GREY CUP I 'M GOING TO BECOME A OTTAWA RENAGADE FAN! <!-- s:thdn: -->:thdn:<!-- s:thdn: -->  <!-- s:thdn: -->:thdn:<!-- s:thdn: -->

Im happy for Glenn. If we had any sort of coaching here the last few years perhaps KG could have won a ring with us. As gar a Toronto goes the CFL got its wish and they made it to the final. Problem is it wont matter because Toronto could care less about the Argos.

As Jon Cornish correctly stated in his post game interview, Kevin Glenn was never surrounded with the right personnel on his previous teams in order to lead a team this far to the Grey Cup. The 2012 Tiger-Cats sure as hell would not have been that team either. Glenn can throw a pick 6 and still win in Calgary because his defense can bail him out. That wouldn't happen here.

I'm also happy for Glenn. He is now finally getting a chance to play in a Grey Cup game, and it's the chance he would have had in 2007 if not for that injury in the EDF game that year. It's also a chance for him to prove his critics wrong, and to prove that he can be a winner. And it's a chance that may not come again for him.

I want to see him get that Grey Cup win next Sunday.

I whole heartedly agree 100% with all the above posts.

Go Kevin and Go Stamps!!!

What a great EDF and WDF Sunday it was. Although I obv hate the blue team
glad they beat the als. In the west, glad the Stamps get their chance at the cup!

Of course he is. I would dub this the bitterest time in Ti-Cat history. Maybe not the lowest point, but certainly the bitterest, which can at least be bittersweet.

We've gone from a playoff contender to last place after seasons of promise, a highly touted head coach and without a doubt one of the best offences in the league, both stat wise and player wise.

Our beloved Ivor Wynne stadium is going down and we don't know where we will be playing next year.

And the icing to top the cake, our arch rivals have made it to the Grey Cup, to play the team being lead by the QB who we traded away last year.

Thankfully though, there is promise. Our defence WILL be improved next year, Cortez's growing pains will hopefully be over, we have the first draft pick next year, we still have a top tier offence (assuming Avon stays) and a new stadium build is going to be underway. Keep the faith boys, us fans in Tiger-town are die hards like no other. While the Argos will have people jumping on the bandwagon after this game, we shall remain faithful (despite how much swearing and complaining we may do).


I wonder what it would be like to cheer for a CFL team that won more than 50% of its games during a season, or actually played in a GC game or two,

Such a foreign concept in Tiger Town I guess :expressionless:

That's why the last 13 seasons have been the worst stretch for the fans that have been around for most, or all, of Ti-Cat history.
We can remember what it's like to cheer for a team that actually played in a GC game and, in spells, even did it regularly.
Tiger-Cats' Grey Cup appearances -- 4 in the 50's, 6 in the 60's, 1972 at home, 5 in the 80's, 2 in the 90's, and none this century.

Hammer wrote:

           "......And the icing to top the cake, our arch rivals have made it to the Grey Cup, to play the team being lead by the QB who we traded away last year."

Hammer: Right. He's not the only one.
We end up in the cellar this season but teams with better records are sprinkled with our castoff players and coaches who we thought were not good enough to keep. It's enough to make even the most die hard Tiger-Cat fans weep.
Looks like it will be a great Grey Cup though.....plus the CFL must be elated at having the Blue team in the Grey Cup. What a huge shot in the arm for the league in Canada's biggest market.

One-time Tiger=Cats playing, or least eligible, for rings in the 100th GC :

Cowtown: Glenn, McDaniel, DeWit, Bolden, Kornegay, Armstead, Bauman, Baggs and Coach Gibson. Also Hamilton training camp participant Brad Sinopoli

Hogtown: Smith, Mann, Gagne-Marcoux, Rempel, Belli and Coaches Steinauer, O'Shea and Moss

These are dark days indeed. In addition to the points above, the Empire has located and destroyed our hidden base, a bounty hunter has frozen our best friend in carbonite, and we’ve had to replace our severed right hand with a bionic version.

Don't remember finishing in second place last year.

Sorry but I am a bit "pissy" this morning ... bad enogh the Argos are in the Grey Cup ... what is worse is that when I go down to the events surrounding the game next weekend I'll have to listen to all the bandwagon jumpers go on and on about their team ... bandwagon jumpers who didn't attend 1 game all season.

A dream come true for the CFL The Hoggers in the Gray Cup, they forget Toronto loves a loser ie: Leafs, Raps packed house. They'll get no respect for winning in TO.

8) Regarding Glenn, it just proves how dysfuntional this TiCat club is !!! Glenn Can't win the big one, eh ???
 As much as I like Kevin, I will be cheering for the East.....and that will be the Argos !!

  Hamilton fans (some of them), hate the Argos and Jim Barker, but he has turned them around in 1 year....something
  the TiCats have not been able to do in .....how many years now ?????  We should be so lucky to get him in Hamilton as GM

   GO ARGOS GO !!!