500 Level at Rogers Centre

Who else here thinks the Argos should bring back the 500 level? IMO they were the best seats to watch football and I miss them :frowning:

I agree. Atleast bring back the sections between the 25 yard lines.

No, we shouldn’t think the crowd out again.

It would be great to see the Rogers Centre closer to capacity but the team doesn't fill the seats that are available now so I don't think they should open the 500's it would make it look even worse.

Best seats, but at what cost?

Imagining Having the 23,000 or so that were on hand for the Winnipeg game spread out between all 3 levels?

Do what they do in B.C. open up the 500 level between the 20 yard lines on the side the tv camera sees ( perception is all in the eye of the viewer). :thup:

I agree. Had seats there 2 years ago for the Cats/Argos game and also sat there for the Grey Cup.

They are the best seats in the house. You can see the play fully develop and the slope of the 5th level is perfect so even if you are stuck near the top, you still feel right on top of the action.

The Rogers Centre is just a terrible place to watch football.