.500 - Home Team?


3-1 @ home
1-3 Away

Although another 10 games (5 @ home) remain in the regular season, the emerging trend is that Hamilton is a home team. Although 3 of 4 road losses have been against Montreal (7-1), Saskatchewan (4,4 with a sold out crowd), and Edmonton (a close game lost in the dying seconds on a Kevin Glenn Interception), the numbers still point to Hamilton being better at home than on the road.

Most teams are better at home. It makes sense that a young team like ours would be more comfortable at home. That said, I think given a full year together, this team wins a game like they just lost. They are competetive and able, just a little new to each other.

Labour day is going to be a massive home advantage for us. As far as I know it's nearly sold out and may be soon.

Better than losing 10 in a row at home!