500 grand for Printers?

I've seen comments about the price for Casey Printers being 500 grand.
That makes me nervous so I can only imagine what must be going through the Caretakers mind. So....
Is he worth it? If so why?
I know we need a starting QB but would that kind of money be better spent on the O-line or defensive secondary at this time?
Over to you guys.

That would be his price for here, I think.

Given his MVP in tow and his highlight reel highpoints in his first-go-round, I don't think that is beyong the pale. Ray is in that stratosphere after returning from a similar NFL tryour attempt.

Oski Wee Wee,

You can't win in the CFL without a hot QB and Printers is one of the best if not the best. You still need the lines and everything else but with a good QB your in every game. Without one your 1-17.

Wanting and getting are two different things. Also depends on how long he is willing to sign for. Anything less then 3 years and I would not offer him that kind of money in Hamilton where they may in Toronto where they have a chance at the GC this year or next with Printers. In Hamilton he needs to commit longer to provide a return on the investment. Ray got that money because he commited to many years with the Eskimos. If Printers gets that kind of money for a short term contract its not apples to apples.

lets not forget, contracts are not guarenteed...if he stinks, he'll get cut.

if he plays up to the money, then it was money well spent.

Bingo gotta love football and performance bonuses..Guarenteed money is limited.

My sources have just informed me that Printers skipped breakfest today, the story should be front page news in the Toronto Sun tomorrow.

man these forums are hilarious, there is no dobut in my mind the ticat fans are most passionate in the league, imagine how hyped it would be in here if the ticats were first place.

Man! I don't think I want him in Hamilton now. Anyone that doesn't recognize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day certainly can't recognize a blitz!

Next he will be skipping team meetings! He can't be trusted!

Get rid of him!

  • paul

I hope Printers goes to the Ti-Cats so it will actually be a challenge for the Argonauts. But whos gonna catch the ball. The Cats go into every season without an established reciever.


Printers took a look at the new Canucks jersey logo and projectile vomited.

He then tore up the Ontario Tourism flyer sent to his address entitled "Toronto: Centre Of The Universe If Not The A.L. Wildcard Race."

He then turned on the TV to see a lark getting shot of the air by a guy wearing a "Lower Your Cholesterol, Coach's Orders!" t-shirt....

I feel a change a-comin' LOL

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

Yes rocket, talk about passionate, man and I thought my wife's obsession with going to David Usher concerts was off the wall, nothing compared with this! :o

The advantage of landing a top-tier QB is that it can tip the scales in FA recruitment of established receivers. Chicken and egg.

Some chicken, some egg, as Winnie might say making a brandy omlette. I’ve had enough Dunkirks, time for Scots invading York-type action to move this franchise forward! LOL


Oski Wee Wee,

The Cats are serious about him, what's another $50,000 here or there really when you get down to it for a team that is desperate for a leader at the qb position who has experience and player of the year to boot? Peanuts.

I think he'll command top dollar in the 500k range.

But what worries me is that he's only had one year in the CFL, and a great one at that. And that was with a Grey Cup winning team. How will he perform for a 1-8 team?

That's the beuaty of sports. You gotta watch to find out.

just for the record these high profile guys will ask for a huge sum up front. in the past teams loved to do this because it didnt count against the cap but today it is mostly benefit for the athlete. so the idea that we can just cut him and not be on the hook for the money might not work. if printers and his agent were smart he would probably get 50 to 60 percent of this salary up front.

Here's an interesting paragraph about the Eagles situation a while back:

"Is the quarterback a key component in every successful football franchise? Absolutely. Quarterbacks make more money, they get more attention, and, yes, they get more criticism. Quarterback is the most important position on the field, and there isn't a close No. 2."

[url=http://www.staugustine.com/stories/051705/spo_3083020.shtml]http://www.staugustine.com/stories/0517 ... 3020.shtml[/url]

i had to quote myself after posting this i couldnt help to laugh that we are already planning and discussing what it is going to cost us to run a qb outta town. a all star mvp type qb. lol you have to laugh or you would just cry. lol

lmao @ thinking spending $500,000 on Printers is going to solve all the Tiger Cats problems.

Some of you folks appear more and more nuts every day!

Of course, what the hey; it's not your money.

I guess we'll soon find out if Mr. Young is nuts.

That’s right, it isn’t our money and Bob can spend his money any way he likes on whatever. I’d like to be nuts like that, believe me.

Maybe we can get Rachael Ray to come in here and cook him breakfast. What would that set us back? Would that go against the cap?