500 ,000 for Williams in total ??????????????

This is crazy, if pigtown is so in love with Pinball why would he or their "fans' , let this Ricky Roll-me- one , when it is against everything Clemons preaches about to the kids in schools, etc....javascript:emoticon(':?')

Where do you get this 500,000 number from?

I guess that's the total yards he expects Ricky to accumulate this year.

This number has now been reported. This just makes a bad situation worse. Another typical Argo move. Spending big dough for players. I wish the league would step up and honour the NFL's suspension, regardless of the reason. This make the CFL look bush.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2006/05/30/1605964-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 4-sun.html[/url]

Here's a link to an article discussing his salary. He'll make almost as much as in the NFL, that's rough.

500 000 $ is nothing. Sean Connery got 250 k for saying 1 or 2 lines in Robin Hood Prince of thieves. I'm sure they'll make all their money back with ticket sales with all the free pub they've been getting. Now they might actually get in on the tourist market, which is where all the real money is in Toronto.

Who will have more of an impact on their team winning?: Maas (at 300K) or Williams (at 500K).

Maas is a "better buy," and we'll sell just as much tickets and merchandise as Toronto.

The Argos are turning their team into an expensive circus, and we're turning ours into a team.

omg..u are believing steve simmons?...the man doesnt know anything, why would u listen to him now>?

everyone is reporting $240,000...so steve thinks he'll be cool and make up a number just to be different.

The Argos owners, David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski, have run losses in their first two seasons operating the team and are expected to run a loss this season as well.

Losing Money How ?

The Ticats are Atleast Breaking Even..

Supposedly, we have a $3.8M salary cap, and "Sticky Buns" the Argo Owner swears that he is "somehow adhering" to this...

RW will get a compensation package between $250K and $500K, depending on who you listen to in Argo Management, and still not be the highest paid player, which would argue that Damon is reasonably getting $5-600K a year to stay on at QB (and a reason they are encountering difficulties in any big name signings to back him up)...

So lets "do the math", because its pretty simple...you pay TWO players somewhere between $750K and $1M (plus) out of a $3.8M payroll budget, which leaves you something like $3M-2.8M to cover all the "other guys", who may in fact have a deep and abiding "love of the game" (I will certainly give them that!) but who don't play for peanuts, either...(otherwise they'd sign just about anywhere else!)

Take Toronto's announced sold seats in the last couple years, and multiply by the mean seat costs; add on the share they get from TV contracts, replica jerseys and helmets and the like, and go figure where their announced money losses are coming from...

If you or I tried this one on, we would be be being investigated big time by Revenue Canada for tax evasion...

But both the Argo ownership and David Braley are "bulletproof" at BoG meetings, as the League perceives that they cannot survive without the Argo's or Lions (this may be a "Head Office" thing)and so turn the very blind eye...

The Cats signing Maas (and the Eskies getting Montford et al) was all well within the rules of the League, even if it was "new".

Getting RW onto the Argo's is/was a different thing, and jeopardises relations between the two Leagues. It required Owners to sign off on such issues, and I don't doubt that some, if not most of them are pretty sore at the Argo antics though they won't be quick to admit it publicly...

I really doubt that RW will be a big factor for the Argo's this year. Everyone in the League is looking for the opportunity to lower the boom on him, and he is indeed a "Marked Man".

Off the field, he will be "watched" by the Sports Media, and as a substance abuser, he has a long way to go in getting past his personal issues, and, of course, what he is hooked up to is "illegal" both north and south of the border...

Anyways, aside from all that, how do you deal with John Avery this year?

Supposedly a good to great running back, pulls down a good chunk of salary cap (probably $40K, given whats left after Allan and RW) but how do they propose to "play" him?

BS is all the Argo band could play, and their band plays on...

Oh, Ricky, you're so fine,
You're so fine you blow my mind.

Hey, Ricky!
Hey, Ricky!

just as i said above: STEVE SIMMIONS is a LIAR:

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/Sports/Football/2006/06/01/1609264-sun.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/Sports/Footb ... 4-sun.html[/url]
CFL commissioner Tom Wright says the running back's official contract is worth much less than $500,000, the amount reported by Sun Media this week.

"The contract that I registered was not that," Wright, in Winnipeg for a Grey Cup event, said yesterday. "All I can tell you is it was not remotely close to that."

Numerous other reports have pegged Williams' salary at around $240,000.

told you!