$50 deposits to Hunt's group - priority for season tickets?

Do any of you know how this will work? For those of us who put down $50 (I did x 2), will this give us priority for season's ticket selection etc.?

Yes. If you did not already own seasons tickets, you should have received a pin number of soe kind identifying you as being on the list of reserved seating.

I remember seeing the charge on my credit card, but don't remember receiving any email, snail mail with pin number??

Did you have Renegades seasons tickets? If so, they should have your information on file already and yes, you'll get priority, but you wouldn't have gotten a PIN number.

Only "new" seasons ticket holders got a PIN number. In my case, one of my friends would buy an extra and I would buy it off him. Now that I got my own ticket for the Rough-Riders-to-be, I got a PIN number.

If you want confirmation, you can stil contact the 67's ticket office. I believe they'll be able to set your mind at ease. But my friends got a little worried when I got a PIN number and they didn't, so they checked and that was the answer they got.

There is an FAQ about the $25 PRN here:

[url=http://www.ottawa67s.com/main.asp?page_name=display_news.asp?news=225]http://www.ottawa67s.com/main.asp?page_ ... p?news=225[/url]

I just this email from mycflseats@ottawa67s.com

Thanks again for supporting Ottawa’s conditional CFL franchise. Your Priority Registration Number (PRN) for purchasing season tickets is: (0000). Your CFL account number is (00000). Please quote this account number in any discussion with the ticket office.

You can print this email for your files and we suggest you also save it for future reference. When the franchise is unconditional, a season ticket campaign will commence and PRN holders will be able to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public, in a sequential manner. Procedural information will be sent to you as we get closer to the start of the ticketing campaign.

Thanks again for your support.

Jeff Hunt, Managing Partner