I Don't like the new 50/50 stipulation that you have to claim the prize in 15 minutes or you lose it. here are some problems with this you could be waiting in line for beer which ends after the 3rd qtr ends, waiting to get a pop,hot dog etc., washroom, having a smoke, or have to leave early to catch a bus to go to work. this isn't fair to someone who might have spent 5 or 10 dollars on tickets only to lose when they might have won. if the ticket isn't claimed put the number on the website and in the spec. if the ticket isn't claimed after that donate to the charity selling the tickets for that game. plus announcing so early gives the fans a reason to leave early when the team is losing

There's no reason why you can't make it if you run straight across center field.
Under the circumstances , I don't think anyone would mind.

Also I would like to add.. What if the person is disabled?

Are they gonna be turned down because they were physically unable to make it in under 15 minutes? Sounds pretty pathetic to me.

if your not in your seat at the time of the draw how would you know the number

Is there anything we are NOT going to complain about around here.

I actually like the new format as it gives someone else a chance to win if the winner has decided to take off early. I understand the issue about being disabled, but wouldn't the easiest thing to do in this case be to let a member of the staff know that you have the winning ticket and will be claiming it?? Just a thought.

i guess if the olgc changed the rule for claiming your winning tickets for 649,pick 3, etc to noon the following day of the draw or it would be redrawn you would like that format also.

Sorry, but that is not a good analogy at all. People who buy 50/50 tickets are all located in the stadium. People who buy lottery tickets could be located anywhere in the province and even out of province. If someone buys a 50/50 ticket and chooses to leave early, that's on them. I'd rather see them re-draw and give someone else a chance at it than to have it unclaimed.

well hopefully you won't be in the washroom at the time of the draw . how will you know if your ticket won and you stayed till the end of the game without knowing you might have won

Me too. I [i]always[/i] went out of my way to buy 50/50 tickets at [i]every game.
I’m not buying them anymore.

My proposal:

Increase it to half an hour, and remind people of the winning ticket number with 20 and 10 minutes left (also saying how much time they have to claim their prize) just in case the person was in the stadium, but unable to hear it for what ever reason.

good idea :thup:

I won the 50/ 50 about 10 years ago .I was sitting up high on the north stands with me family .with all the yelling and high five's it took me more than 15 min to make it to the tunnel and find the right person to write the cheque.

This rule is not a Tiger-Cats mandate, it is a lottery licensing requirement that needs to be met by the groups who run the 50/50 draws at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The non-profit organizations (who do a great job of taking care of the 50/50 draws at each Ticats game) must comply with the guidelines dictated to them by the lottery licensing office when they apply for a license.

On behalf of these groups, which include great local charities and minor sports organizations, we thank you for your continued support of the 50/50 draws.

Then they should make an announcement giving the precise time of the game that the number will be ANNOUNCED and POSTED on the 'Vision.

That way, you could slightly defer any unforeseen potty breaks, beer/hot dog treks.