Does anyone know what last weeks 50/50 draw # was?

I assume it was won or it would be posted on the site right?

What about the weeks past? do they record the number here?

Sorry, can't help you here. All I know is I didn't win.

If I recall correctly, it was about $8,700.

The first three digits were 121.

Sorry, that's all I got. :wink:

…don’t you have to be present at the game to claim the prize? I thought the minute it went unclaimed after a game it all went to the group that it was for…someone advise / clarify, thanks.

You only have that night to claim the prize. But for anyone wondering, I saw the guy celebrating the win with his kids/family in Box B at the very end of the game.

as far as i know if you have to leave early and your number comes out it will be posted here and the spec. you can still win the prize

Yeap, I saw the guy that won. I did not know his name, but he went quitely to claim his prize. I saw a few people patting him on the back.