HOLY COW! No one claimed the 50/50! $24,000 is carried over to the Bombers game. If no one shows to see the Bombers, they should atleast show up to win the huge prize.

What do you say to the idiot that left the game before the draw?

........is there any statute of limitations to collect?........man, talk about bad luck........hey, maybe it was Statik who was down in the men's room utilizing that rarely practiced art of roman-greco marathon partying called 'visiting the vomitoria'..........

I've never bought a 50/50 ticket in my life .... next game I'm gonna buy 10. Why not?

at the last lions game the prize was like 15 or 17k, and no one claimed it, so they drew a second number and it got claimed.

In BC you have 15 minutes from the draw to go claim it.

Good one RedandWhite.

I could definetly see Statik being the winner of that draw and missing
out on the cash. Probably was busy showing off his no handed beer
chug down at the concessions. lmao

Whoever is going to the game tomorrow, buy lots of 50/50 tickets! I want a nice fat jackpot when I finally win!!

The guy won $57,500

You serious? The 50/50 at the BC-EDM game was $19,500

57k is insane, that's like every single fan buying 10 bucks worth of tickets

That's a nice early X-mas gift.............

The Rider game 23,000 was not claimed so they added to the Winnipeg game the total was 57,500 and a young fellow won it!

And it wasn’t me :frowning:

ya well it went to a young guy that probably could use it!

That pot was huge. I'm just glad they didn't announce the winner as "Dr. So-and-so. I would have freaked. Is it just me, or on "Jersey off our Back Night" all the winners are from the Super Red seats or the Red And White Club? It has to be fixed. Grrrrrr...

I can argue both sides of that … on one hand, they’re rich enough to not need to win anything (or deserve to win anything) … but on the other hand, they’ve put the money into the club, and support them, and so it’s a small thank-you of sorts …

In any case, I’m not getting my hopes up :wink:

As for the 50/50, I’m young (21), and I could really use the money … :oops: