50/50 Numbers

Do the Ticats post the 50/50 winning number from Sundays game anywhere. I know I likely didn't win but I never heard the winning numder announced. It would have been nice to at least leave THF with something to remember.

they announce at the beginning of the 4th quarter over the P.A. and on the video board. you then have 15 minutes to claim it or they re-draw.

...and they announced within 15 minutes that the prize was claimed, allowing all the wanna be's a chance to toss their losing tickets. If the prize was claimed - as it was - there is no need to post the numbers anywhere.


This week, they actually announced midway through the 3rd qtr which was odd. They also did announce that the 50/50 had been claimed. I would like to see a picture of the person, could add to the excitement.

I wouldn't want my picture on the board after winning the $16-17K. Not sure how they give you the prize money, and I highly doubt that its cash because of the security issue, but if it is, the last thing I would want is for my face to be on the board as the guy with pockets full of cash. lol