50/50 Draw ?

I don't buy 50/50 anymore because of, where to claim your prize?
Just some suggestions, thoughts.
Not the people selling tickets like the old stadium.
They should have claim booths setup on both sides & levels, or all security should have radio contact to the claim office.
I know older persons don't buy because of mobility.
Anyone have suggestions or want to post your thoughts?

Don't know what your problem is because my sister sells 50/50 tickets at the games, she sold them at the old IWS and at Mac and at THF. They are all volunteers and most are parents with kids that play minor football. The sellers stand by the various entrances to get people as they come into the stadium. They also go around the stadium after people are in their seats.
It would seem to me that people with mobility problems could buy the tickets as they enter the stadium.

He didn't mean buying tickets, he meant claiming the prize. I never play 50/50 but it astonishes me how often I hear the PA announcer come on and say that nobody has claimed the prize so here's a new number. Its a good 30% of the draws I'd say.

I agree Pongetti.

Perhaps they should have a 50/50 claim booth set up at all entrances so that people would KNOW where to go to claim their prize. I THINK the place to claim is on the West Concourse behind me in Section 103, but I wouldn't want to find out the hard way it wasn't.


My point, if you have to go to the other side of the stadium, your not going to make it if you have a walking problem like 70 years old or other. It should be well signed and numerous places to claim. I feel sorry for the organisations that volunteer and lose money for their efforts. The venues should have a phone for you to claim. :rockin:

This is what many teams are employing, if not that exact system, something similar, TiCats should definitely upgrade & install.


People... you can claim your 50/50 wins at Guest Services. There's one in the West Stands concourse... (and although I haven't been there to actually see it) there is one in the East Stands concourse.

The winning 50/50 ticket must be presented, in person, at a Guest Services Kiosk, 15 minutes after the draw announcement.

There are Guest Services Kiosks on each level of Tim Hortons Field, and 50/50 staff will come to meet you at whichever Guest Services Kiosk is nearest to your seat.
If at any time you are concerned about mobility and getting to the Guest Services Kiosk, you can ask a member of our Customer Assistance Team, and they will gladly help you get there, or bring us to you.

Through the east or west concourse at the end of the third quarter???

Sure. Good luck with that.

You can nearly move on the concourse level then…I think it has something to do with last call as well???

Is it also possible to leave the winning numbers up in the corner on the jumbo screen.
looking through layers of cloths to find your tickets and then check the number that went off screen :? :roll: .
I'm just putting out suggestions to maybe improving the draw.

Leaving the numbers up for a couple of minutes in smaller font on the sides or bottom makes some sense. I would also agree that east and west side services to pick up prizes would be good. (Almost typed north and south, woops… hearkened back to IWS.)

But as someone who has won the draw before back in the old IWS who had to literally cross the stadium? It is amazing how fast your legs can move you up stairs and down when there’s several grand on the line. They give you 15 minutes. And even all but sprinting, I had about 10 minutes left from one of the farthest possible positions. I’m not saying you’re wrong, FF. I’m just saying that don’t forget to see it from the other side too.

I know what you mean.
I think last game they had to draw again because of no claims.
I'll be buying on the 23rd. should be a good prize.
Congrats on your win, must have made your day, I hope the cats won also.
I guess you were buying after the game :smiley: