50 000 yards and then retire!

Please AC, get your 50000 yards, and then retire. Go spend your money and leave! You aspire like a vaccuum cleaner.

It might take him until week 8 to get to 50,000. As soon as he gets touched, he drops like he was shot.

Dont hurt yourselves jumping off the bandwagon!

the Als site is for fans....and real fans dont jump ship like you clowns

Don't worry, looks like our little friend has some issues...he's doing the same thing at Go Al's Go...

Just because somebody gets angry at the team does not mean he is not a fan and he's jumping off the bandwagon.
Frankly, I am a little irked at this demi-god status Calvillo seems to have, that dictates he must start (and finish) every game, no matter what.
He hasn't produced. Bench him and give someone else a chance.

Yes, yes....

Putting in Markus Brady WILL make the Offensive line young again. With Brady in, the O-Line will create nasty holes for Edwards and Imoh to run through. With Brady he will have all the time in the world to make a throw, and of course, Brady will complete 100% of his passes and won't get intercepted.

I don't know about you Calvillo-Haters, I'm questioning myself to whether you guys actually watch the game? If Calvillo throws a pick, boo him. If Calvillo gets sacked, boo him. If Calvillo incompletes a pass, boo him. So what should Calvillo do when he's under pressure? If he throws it away, you guys get upset, if he gets sacked, you guys get upset.

The truth of the matter is, in order for the Running game to work. The O-Line has to block. In order for the Passing game to work. The O-Line has to block. SO, that kind of means the Offensive Line is a pretty important job...I think they have to play better than that, if they want to score points.

Totally agree! A TRUE fan is a person who gets to celebrate the good times...but also gets to critcize when times are not so good. Being a "fan" of any team does not mean you stand by and watch them perform a sub par levels and NOT say anything about it does it? Of course not!

As a coach..if the job is not getting done then you changes things up to achieve the results you want.

A real fan also won't say "RETIRE" to the player who has contributed the most for this resurrected franchise, and most valuable.

Calvillo is the reason why the Als had such tremendous success in recent years. Even though we lost Grey Cups, we got to experience the thrill of routing four our team in the big game!

Calvillo has done so much, not only for this team, but for the community.

Danny MaC said it best. In Montreal, we are spoiled. The Als dominated the East for some many years. We are use to seeing Calvillo at 1,000 yards at this point in the season, and the Als at 2-0. Not this year. We start 0-2. Not good, but not that bad just yet. 2nd week of play, and people are already chanting for Brady. C'Mon! GET REAL!

The O-line hasn't been great, but Calvillo has not helped them out one bit. He's overthrowing receivers left right and centre, failing to make the proper reads, forcing balls into coverage, and dropping back too far in the pocket, and taking way too long to get the ball away.

Well, I think a true fans supports the team through the good times and the bad.

Support and criticism can go hand-in-hand.....

Putting in Brady may make the OL look a little better because he has the legs to get him out of trouble. However, in AC's defense, any QB who constantly has not one but 2 DLs in his face the moment he drops back is going to face an uphill battle. The ease at which some of the defenders are able to get around the tackles is scary.

The problem isnt Calvillo no QB can succeed without a strong offensive line and right now AC is getting no help from the tackles. the vast majority of the sacks allowed came from DEs or a blitzing linebacker. Calvillo kept looking for a place to run but neither left nor right were ever available.

At this point Id have our trainers call up the eskimos training staff and ask them for the program they had Ray on that allowed him to play an entire year last year without an offensive line

Who's gonna replace him?

The tackles have been horrid, agreed. But Calvillo needs to stop dropping back so far in the pocket. He's only making it easier for DEs and linebackers to sack him or knock down or hurry his throws.

The problem is, he needs to get into that part of the pocket to make those type of throws. Calvillo doesn't have the time to finish his read steps.

To me, Calvillo has played good. Even if he has to worry more about the Defensive Line, rather than watching for open receivers.

Ryoon wrote:
"A real fan also won't say "RETIRE" to the player who has contributed the most for this resurrected franchise, and most valuable."

Where on my post did I say Calvillo should retire?

no stick aroud and MAKE US SUCK BALLS even more please, god help us!

to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, esp. for something great or of high value

draw a bead on: have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal