5 teams offer Weston Dressler --- Report (2 teams likely)

and it ain't the Riders...... It looks like Weston Dressler will be signing in the CFL this week. Reports 5 teams have put in offers.


have put in offers for Dressler..... and the report coming out of the CFL is that 2 teams have put in offers that Dressler and his camp are looking over and a decision is coming shortly.

Winnipeg and Edmonton are the leading candidates. It's being reported that also DE Alex Hall is deciding on Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

[b]gary lawless @garylawless[/b] word on street is #redblacks could go as high as 250 k for Dressler. #riders don't have that cap room. if this is about cash he could move

The Riders are not sitting Chick nor National Foley for Hall
The Bombers and ORBs are reportedly willing to offer 250K for Dressler. Being close to his family is important to Dressler, so Sask and Bombers are instantly front runners

Local Sports guy in Winnipeg reporting Winnipeg's offer is best and Dressler has already spoken with both Walters and O'Shea.... looks promising.

Ottawa could certainly use Dressler. Hopefully they're willing to up whatever Winnipeg is offering, otherwise it'll be a rough final ten games.

He is going to look at all offers...he would be a fool not to. IMO it will come down to a few things:

  • The Bears potentially showing interest
  • an outlandish offer from some club (I think most are just driving his price up)
  • Winnipeg beating Sask by 15% in offer
  • getting a close offer in Sask and knowing he will get endorsements there.

This is a fool’s game. He’s going to sign with Saskatchewan. I’m sure Taman has seen this show before.

Idunno...he is familiar with Willy, that is a perk. It is not like the Bombers wouldn't love to have him. If there is a huge discrepancy in offers...ya never know.

yea, Richard Karikari did it to him back in 2006. 8)

The Riders allowed Dressler out of his contract early so he could go to the NFL. Chances are they made a verbal agreement that the Riders would have first dibs. I'd be shocked to see him go anywhere else.

Not to be picky,but shouldn't the title of this thread be... "6 teams offer Weston Dressler---(2 teams likely)"??
plus maybe also a link would be nice to back up your claim,even though I and everyone else in here realize that you are a insider with all the scoops that are fit to print,a link now and then would be kind of nice once in awhile.Just saying is all :slight_smile:

Gary Lawless, one of the main sources for the Dressler / Bombers link, now has this to say:

Would have to take the over on Dressler signing in Regina but by no means a slam dunk after talking to GMs and agents around CFL

And once again......Link please ? Just who exactly is this Local Sports guy in Winnipeg that you speak of ? Just saying is all..... :roll:
Again !!!!!!!! Not that I don't believe you or anything,what with you being the main source of insider information in
here,with all your connections and all and being soooo much smarter and informative than everybody else that posts in here....
I mean surely you can reveal your source......can't you ? was it Joe the bartender ? Sam the Butcher ? Ed the Barber ?
your next door neighbor Fred ? Come on Beach boy you can tell us..............can't you ???? :lol: :cowboy: :roll:

What he is saying, without saying it, is he read a tweet from Lawless

LOL .......... I guess we will know soon, but probably not as soon as you insider :cowboy:

No such thing as first dibs, this is not a kids league. Do you think Dressler would play for say $50k less because he had a verbal agreement or the Riders shouted "first dibs"?
My prediction he will sign with Ottawa and Rider fans will be upset then a day later they will be saying "well he couldn't make it in the NFL because he lost a step or two, good thing we didn't sign him"

More often than not the player returns to his original team. Look at a few recent examples:

Manny Arcenaux
Solomon Elimimian
Stefan Logan
John Chick

Nothing will happen until the final cuts are made and teams can evaluate available players, however a Cleveland radio station reported this morning that the Browns may be interested in Dressler.
I can't find anything to confirm this and during this "cut time" there are a lot of "what ifs" going around.

If that happens he will have lost a lot more than a step or 2. He will have lost his marbles. What self respecting pro player would want to not win a game for the next 3 years let alone be on a team that has little hope of scoring an offensive touchdown for that period? :lol:

One who has a chance to bring home a better paycheque.