5 stars for Curry, Jo Jo, Williams, Davis, and Caulley!

Well I was very pleased to see these guys play well today!!!!
One good thing about the Holmes trade, is we have been able to see Caulley .......looks like this guys has some moves and break out speed.
Can't wait to see more of him , Jo Jo , and Curry on special teams.

I've always liked Davis, but when Jesse comes back I think him and Caulley would be a great one-two!

From day one I liked what I saw of Curry and hope he gets more reps.
He is moving north as soon as he gets the ball and reads the coverage on the fly!!!!!!!!

Williams.....well he has obviously learnd a few things from watching on the sidelines and needs to get more time for sure!!!!!

He was calm and cool out there !!!!!!!!! looked good!!!

I wouldn't mind if he started on the 15 if Printers wanted to watch and learn lol (just kidding)
All those Printers 5 pack tickets being sold tell us he'll start no matter what!!!! PR gets what PR wants!!!!!!

I want Robbie back!!!!!! hell let Printers walk Robbie out of the gate and Williams carry the Hammer!!!


well the only reason caully davis and williams had this kind of game is because of the oline a big thumb up to them

Yes it was a different O line from Mondays game. It was great to see George back in the lineup.

Anybody notice J.P. Bekasiak took some reps on the O-line?