5 released

International defensive back Antareis Bryan

International defensive lineman David Hunter

National kicker Brett Lauther

International linebacker Jonathan Willard

International wide receiver Devin Wilson

Very disappointed Wilson is departing.

Wilson didn't impress me.

Carrol impressed me more. Roosevelt impresses me more. And even though I like these guys, they could do better, yet Wilson was still below them in my opinion.

I didn't think that Wilson really had a chance to show what he could or could not do offensively...what I do like about him is his energy. It is rare to find a WR that likes to hit...that likes to be the first guy down field on STs...that gets a twisted little grin when he talks about contact...that is worth a lot in my books to have a guy like that on the team.

I liked Wilson. He caught the ball well. He had little chances to impress and for the most part he did.

I predict he will get signed by another CFL team.

Yah I liked Wilson, loved his attitude also, and yah, he loves to tackle!! not a great release in my books!! should of kept him at least to next season after, training camp!!