5 Reasons why the Lions will WIN on Sunday

  1. Pamela Anderson will give a pre-game speech in the dressing room, holding the Grey Cup between her breasts.

  2. In the second quarter, Steve Armitage will fall out of the CBC broadcast booth, and land awkwardly on Ricky Ray's head.

  3. Duncan O'Missy will narrowly hit a 3-yard field goal (which goes off the upright, off AJ Gaas' head, and through for the winning points)


I sure hope 50,000 fans will be there. Last I heard they have been 35,000 tickets sold. Maybe today and tommorrow they'll get to the 40,000 mark. Then on sunday 5,000 or so fans will buy tickets at the last minute. Cross your fingers!!!

Hey guy's does this mean if we do not get over 40.000 we will not cheer come get over it. it is going to loud and fun, i think that you fans out there are going to be supried how loud it is going to be in there remember they are giving out 30.000 thundersticks, so lets get loudddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.

Can you guy,s imagine if we win, excuse me, when we win how nuts this city is going to be. like a stanley cup final, lets get those car flags, and niose makers going.

don't get too excited about winning just yet, i think alot of you guys will be in for a big dissapointment.... GO ESKS! :slight_smile:

Are 3-yard FGs even possible?

The biggest reason the Lions are going to win?
Edmonton is full of fops.

1)Home field advantage
2)Bc's had 2 weeks to practice to edmontons 1
3)edmonton gets hurt so easily
4)ricky ray sucks
5)Bc is a better team


so... u guys now have to resort to bull S*&# to give yourselves a sense of false confidence...

lol, "i love paulina," I hate to say it but you're a joke................

The main reason the Lions are going to win is because they are not expected to. Pressure is on the Esks.

lol! there will be some where around 40 000 lions fans packing that stadium vainly expecting their team to win. the lions' coaches have been riding their asses for 2 weeks, demanding victory. with a loss, their entire season will turn to ash, worth nothing. no pressure??... they will either concur it or collapse under it. but, even if they do manage to concur the pressure, the Eskimos will concur them.

Don't you mean "conquer"? Concur means to agree, or do you concur that the Leos will defeat the Eskies?