5 reasons the Stamps wont choke in this year's Grey Cup

Jon Cornish with some good blocking on runs will make the Cats choke, right now I'm sure the Cats are scared poopless and spending so much time on how to prevent him running it's deflecting proper preparation in the whole for the GC. IMHO. Shut down Banks and this game should be a relatively easy win for the Stamps as Mitchell is the better qb as well as the oline and the Stamps are hungry.

  1. difference for the ti cats pre labor to post labor day was the finally moving into their home stadium.

  2. Cornish is the best back in the league and fullt in tune with the offence and the offence with him. Hamilton has just got in a groove with there duo of RBs.

  3. Difference for Bo Levi and Collaros is Bo Levi has been in the Calgary O for 3 seasons now. Gives him and advantage over Collaros.

  4. Both teams are loaded with talent and experienced players who have been to Grey Cup games. Calgary is more polished with Hamilton really still growing.

  5. Advantage Calgary but make no doubts that Hamilton deserves to be here. Last season you could say that Hamilton may have gotten a bit lucky in beating Toronto. Luck may not be the word but Toronto was not prepared at RB without Kackert and Hamilton took advantage of that.

You're funny R&W. We'll see who gets the last laugh come Sunday though. :I was there when the Cats were boarding the buses yesterday, I could see the fire in their eyes. Personally I wouldn't want to be a Stamps player right now to be honest. :wink:


Lighten up a little would ya?

I'm 25 and probably have more playing experience then you. And yes Hamilton did just barely make the playoffs in the last game of the year. They lost to Toronto twice this year so yes Toronto was the better team in head to heads this season.

Just like I figured kid.......a big mouth punk Rider fan. Does it get any worse?

Tough guy sitting behind a key board :roll:

Lighten up ???? LMAO !!!! Seriously ????? That's why I like you greenandwhite cause you a funny guy :lol: ,especially if you think that I'm being too serious !!!! GO CATS GO :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Finally some good old fashion trash talkin' from the other side instead of others :smiley: Okay RedandWhite since you got the ball rolling with the opening salvo it's time for me to fire back so let me counter balance:

#1.....Prediction......Mr Cornish will NOT....I repeat will NOT get close to 100 yards rushing in this game.My boys upfront will see to that. Hey Jon may I introduce you to #72-Mr. Bryan Hall,#97-Mr. Ted Laurent,#98-Mr. Linden Gaydosh,#40-Mr.Eric Norwood and #5-Mr.Justin Hickman. Good Luck to ya Jon getting through this Brickwall :smiley: Believe me not one of these lads are pooping their pants.In fact I think that they're rather looking forward to meeting Mr.Cornish up close and personal,if ya know what I mean. :wink:

#2.....Prediction.....The Stamps will NOT.....I repeat NOT have a hope in Hell of shutting down the most exciting player in the league Speedy "B" :smiley: In fact the little guy will easily go over 100 yds+ in combined yds on Sunday and will burn the Stamps for a punt or kick return for a td at some point during the game,not to mention giving them fits as a receiver all game long.
#3....Prediction ....This will NOT.....I repeat NOT be a relatively easy win for the Stamps.....Why you ask ? It's simple really just refer to predictions #1 & #2 :smiley: :rockin: Yer Go'in Down on Sunday :smiley: Oh yay Baby GREY CUP CHAMPS 2014..............
The Stamps might have #9...............BUT we've got # 16 :smiley: :rockin: :cowboy: GO CATS GO !!!!!!!

is it considered to be choking when you are getting strangled in a Tiger's jaw?

At online sportbooks, Calgary is favored by -7 pointspread. Usually, oddsmakers are mostly right in picking moneyline winnesr in playoffs . In recent years, grey cup champions tend to be underrated teams against pointspread. In 2014, Calgary is 12-6 ATS while Hamilton is 9-9 ATS. So trends favor Calgary.

No doubt John Hufnagel is a good coach and Calgary are the choice pick to win the Grey Cup on Sunday, Tiger-Cats are the underdogs but look at the fact that Kent Austin has been in the CFL as a head coach now for 3 years, 2007 with Saskatchewan, 2013 Hamilton, 2014 Hamilton and three visits to the Grey Cup with a current 1-1 record.

Kent is an all around head coach, a players coach and by far the best in the CFL although someone else will probably be voted coach of the year instead like John Hufnagel, Chris Jones or Tom Higgins, but Austin doesn't care, he wants the Grey Cup for his team, for the fans in Hamilton who have endured the most up's and down's out of any team in the CFL and deserve the Cup the most.

Since Austin's arrival to Steeltown in 2013 the Cats have played the majority of their games in one a half seasons without a home field, without proper locker rooms, or areas that other teams just have on a regular basis and expect to be there. Hamilton has lived through adversity and this young team has grown with the changes under the guidance of coach Austin and the other assistant coaches who have done a great job in getting the Tiger-Cats to the Championship two years in a row.

The 2014 Grey Cup is the Tiger-Cats to Win or Lose and the players will decide that on Sunday!


But Hamilton had the better record, so Hamilton was the better team. If Hamilton had lost the last game of the season, the Argos would have backed into the playoffs with a losing record. But they didn't, so Hamilton, who finished first in the East and then dominated Montreal in the Final, is the Eastern Division champion, and deserving of a spot in the Grey Cup.

A meaningless point, since it was pretty much rock, paper scissors in the East this year. Toronto beats Hamilton, Hamilton beats Montreal, Montreal beats Toronto.

Toronto probably deserved to be in the playoffs more than two of the Western teams that did make it: B.C. and Saskatchewan.

On the contrary, BC and Saskatchewan deserved to be in the playoffs because of more points earned than Toronto with advantage of weaker division. The entire season determines positioning and not just second half of season.

Doctor Evil is absolutely 100% correct...Toronto probably did deserved to be in the playoffs ahead of Sask and BC
Not to mention the fact that the Riders got absolutely HAMMERED in games in Hamilton(28-3)Montreal(40-9)and Toronto(48-15).Not to mention the fact that the Lions lost in Hamilton(19-17)and got absolutely destroyed twice in two visits to Mtl by scores of 24-9 and 50-17.As for the Toronto-Hamilton series,yes the Argos did win 2 of 3 but the differential in the 3 games combined was a mere 2 pts-Ham won 13-12,Tor won 34-33 and 26-24. If there was two teams who backed into the playoffs this year it would definitely be the Riders and Lions who if it wasn't for the Bombers and REDBLACKS might not have won a game between them the 2nd half of the season. The Riders won only 2 games since Labour Day,one over the RB's that they needed ot for a win and a meaningless game against the already clinched Eskimos in their last game of the season. The Lions on the other hand the 2nd half of the season only had victories against the Bombers and Redblacks. The Cats on the other hand for those not paying attention are currently on a 9 and 3 run their last 12 games and could very easily be on an 11-1 run when you consider that those 2 Argo loses by 1 and 2 could've easily been wins,the games and the two teams were that close.So for all you people out West that still have horse blinders on about the West superiority and the East inferiority Thank your Lucky Stars and give your heads a good shake before posting about things that you can't back up. :cowboy:

No eastern team would have been good enough to make the playoffs in the west. BC would have held the tie breaker against both the 9-9 teams from the east. All western playoff teams would have had home playoff games in a one division format.

One Reason: the way that they whooped Edmonton last week proves to me that they are in the right frame of mind this time and they aint gonna be stopped.