5 reasons the Stamps wont choke in this year's Grey Cup

Calgary has had some playoff demons in recent years, but I believe this team is for real this season. Here are 5 reasons why they will win the Grey Cup.

  1. Kevin Glenn is no longer starting for the Stampeders. Bo Levi looked calm, cool and collected last week, and has played well in big games this season. He will be one of the greats in this league if he can stay healthy.
  2. This team has lots of experience. Sometimes heartbreaks are what is needed to win championships. I think the group of veterns in the locker room will help Calgary come out on top.
  3. Calgary's offensive and defensive lines will make all the differences.
  4. Huffnagel is due to win a championship. Calgary has dominated over the past few seasons under Huffnagel, and sooner or later that has to pay off for this football team.
  5. They are playing the Hamilton Tigercats. A team that just barely made the playoffs in large part because they played the Ottawa RedBlacks one more time then the Toronto Argos. Unfortunately one team from the east had to make the Grey Cup and it just so happened to be them. Hamilton is clearly no match for the Calgary Stampeders, or any of the other western teams that played in the western playoffs this season.

Go Stamps!

You seem to know so much, Yet so little??

  1. Calgary are a good team no doubt and certainly the best in the CFL and they will be heavily favoured going in to Sundays Grey Cup Game. The Cats are Big Underdogs and have been all year, since Zach Collaro's returned to the team on Labour Day after being not out of seven games by a cheap shot by Odell Willis, a hit to the head, Since his return the Cats have played awesome and may I point out the tiger-Cats are the only team from the East that in that seven game stretch of the absence of Zach Collaro's played the Western teams to very close games, the only lopsided win coming against the Riders in the opening game of week one but than again where is Sask now, golfing anyone, gee a lot can happen when you lose your starting QB.

  2. Calgary being overconfident believes this is a cake walk and their Championship to win, all the media is focused on Jon Cornish and that the Cats will have a trough time against Cornish. Jon Cornish is a great player but so was S.J. Green and Duron Carter in all the media hype before the Eastern Final Game and Yes S.J. scored three TD's but the Cats still clobbered Montreal 40 to 24.

  3. Hamilton is a young team with a lot to prove (Youngest team in the CFL), the team that played in Regina last year and lost is gone from Burris to many others. This years version of the Tiger-Cats is much different and much more competitive, a much more balanced team of defence, special teams and offence and in order to win in the Championship you must be able to win as a team something the Tiger-Cats have done this year.

  4. Calgary by no means is invincible, they make mistakes just like every football team does, it's how they control those mistakes. Hamilton has been thriving off other teams mistakes in the points take away and giveaway areas, three picks last Sunday, Fumble recovery, two returns in one game for a 2 TD's. The media asks can Hamilton stop Jon Cornish, can Calgary stop Brandon Banks because no one else has?

  5. The 102nd Grey Cup in Vancouver will come down to the two top teams from the CFL, East vs West as it has for many years, the winning team will be the one who wants it more and I feel it's the Tiger-Cats, the underdog team in the Grey Cup.


I can't let this go without a response,so here it is 5 reasons why your 5th reason is way off base.

  1. They are playing the Hamilton Tiger-Cats....A team that made the playoffs in large part because they were one of the hottest teams in the second half of the season going 9-3 their last 12 games.
  2. They played the REDBLACKS one more time than the Argos....A REDBLACK team that registered one of their two wins this season against those very same Argos. The very same REDBLACK team that also took a certain Rider team to ot before losing a game they clearly should have won.
  3. Unfortunately one team from the East had to make the Grey Cup...Oh really,so tell me how did the supposed superior crossover team from the vastly superior West division not manage to crush the inferior East in the ESF ? Unfortunately the West had their chance to advance and represent the East in the Grey Cup and we all know how that turned out now don't we ?
  4. Hamilton is clearly no match for the Stamps...Tis true we were 0-2 against them this year,losing by a mere fg 10-7 with a third string qb at the helm and only losing to them by 10 pts 30-20 with a 2nd string qb at the helm. Outside of game #1 this season which we lost 31-10 the Cats were in every other game they played this season and could've very easily ended up with at least another 4 to 5 wins on the season with a few breaks.
  5. Hamilton is clearly no match for any of the other Western playoff teams this season...Which would mean the Riders and Eskimos,two teams that we defeated back to back in the second half of the season along with the other Western playoff team the crossover Lions. I realize that you look at life through watermelon green glasses and that's ok by me,because I have a strange feeling that most of the trash talking at this year's Grey Cup will most likely be coming from fans of other teams than from fans from Hamilton and Calgary. :slight_smile: That is all :smiley: Have a nice day :slight_smile: :cowboy:
  1. Collaros looked pretty calm out there against the Als as well.
  2. If heartbreaks are what's needed to win championships, then after last year, a number of our players will be pumped.
  3. Our D line is much better now than it was when these two teams last played. As in, we now actually have two of the best defensive ends in the league, and out tackles are up there as well. There's a reason we're #1 against the run. And our O line is also much better than last time as well, now that Figueroa is back. But yes, it's still not 100%, so there could be an edge for Calgary here.
  4. Huff is due to win? Don't get this. Flip a coin a hundred times and it comes up tails, at best it's still 50/50 of getting heads on the next flip. More likely, though, is that there's something fishy about the coin, and it's going to come up tails again. And again. And again.
  5. Yes, the Ticats played the Redblacks one more time than the Argos. But at least they won all of those games, unlike the Argos. Could be said that losing to the Redblacks was what caused the Argos to miss the playoffs. Also, the Ticats have played very well since getting their starting quarterback back from injury - 8 and 3 (now 9 and 3), including four wins against all four other western teams. No pushover here.

I'm thinking this will be a close game between two well matched teams. The difference, in my opinion, will be special teams, in particular the returns by Banks and/or Sinkfield. Remember, the Ticats put them both back there, so kicking away from one just puts it into the hands of the other one.

Great logical response BoBo but I think a simple STFU was the reply the troll was expecting! :wink:

It will be a closer game than many think. The cats are gelling since getting their starter back and they have confidence. I for one will not assume a Stampeder win and expect a battle.

But seriously! we are due :x

actually, if any of these two teams are due, it is the Cats who have not won the Grey Cup since the 90’s.

Much respect :thup: As I said earlier,the majority of trash talking for this game will be coming from fans of teams who are not in this years Grey Cup. Personally I've got nothing but respect for your team,your coach,your players and your organization.
And like yourself I will not assume a Ti-Cat win and also expect a battle

But seriously ! if you as you say are due :x .......may I counter that with we are way over due :thup: 1999 seems like a 100 yrs ago. Best of Luck on Sunday,may the best team win and if it happens to be the Stamps then let me assure you that I will be the first person to offer my hand in a handshake and congratulate you on your victory. Can't wait for the Rubber Match :..........
Calgary vs Hamilton Grey Cup 2014 Round Three :rockin: :thup: :smiley:

You are right! 1999 does seem like an eternity. My "due" reference was relating to the Stamps crapping the bed in playoff games after dominating the season. In that regard, yeah :lol: were due.

Should be a good one, two young guns going after their first GC win. Oh yeah almost forgot!

GO STAMPS GO!! :cowboy:

Hamilton may not have had Collaros either game, but the Stamps didn't have MOP candidate Jon Cornish either game as well.

You of all people being a Rider fan should know that not having a quality backup QB to replace the starting QB is 100% worse than trying to replace a running back. Your Riders had no problem replacing old what's his name Shirts ? Sh!tes ? Skeets ? Oh well doesn't matter what his name was,the fact is that you replaced him and you moved on,no problem.But when you lost your boy D.D and you foolishly let your backup leave for the B.B's then all of a sudden realized you had no replacement,you found out rather quickly that you were screwed. Now don't get me wrong,I absolutely think that Cornish is an absolute Beast and an unbelievable ball player,but he basically plays a position that is by far the easiest on any football team to replace and as good as he is the running back position is basically a plug and go on most teams.Hugh Charles for example filled in seamlessly at RB rushing for 102 yds on 14 carries and added a td in one of the games. The Stamps are a way better team with Cornish in their lineup,no doubt about it......but then so are the Cats with Collaros in there as our starter. So anyway keep trying to tell me and anyone else that will listen to you about how the Stamps will crush the Cats and how we don't deserve to be where we are back in the Cup as one of the two BEST teams left standing this season. :rockin: :smiley:

Normally I'd agree with you but Cornish averages almost 8 yards a carry. Certainly a drop off when he isn't in the lineup.

Hugh Charles avg 7.2 yds a carry in the game he replaced Cornish in. Cornish finished up with an avg of 7.8 yds per carry,so certainly not a big drop off at all. And like I said the running back is basically a plug and play position,after all didn't Charles start his season as a Rider playing 1 game for them before winding up in Calgary where he played 3 more games this season.And didn't Grigsby play mostly with the Bombers this year until we picked him up as a late season replacement when CJ went down and Madu got injured for a few himself ? Like I said reason it out all you want,its common knowledge that losing a starting QB is way more damaging to a team and as you being a Rider fan should know than losing a starting running back,no matter how good he is. As the old saying goes and I quote "running backs are a dime a dozen " but losing a starting QB is priceless when you don't have anybody or any experience as a back up. And before I get any flack when it comes to a guy like Cornish and how valuable he is to the Stamps,he is the exception not the rule when it comes to running backs and is definitely worth more than a dime a dozen.All I'm basically trying to explain to you is the fact that comparing losing a starting QB as opposed to a starting RB is like comparing Apples to Oranges. A running back no matter how good he is,is a far easier fix than trying to find a replacement for a starting QB.

If we are going to use Sheets as an example the Riders never replaced him. We didn't have a 1000 yard rusher this season and all our backs were inconsistent.

Losing a player that wins or is an mop candidate simply can't just be replaced. Your claim is that had Collaros started earlier in the season the Cats would have won. My claim is that had Cornish played those games aren't even close. A good running back opens up the pass and vice versa. Teams who can run and pass win games.

I don't care about the results from the last time these teams met, regardless of who played and who didn't. That game took place in August. This game (obviously) is on November 30th. Both teams are night and day from what they were in August. It's irrelevant, no matter what you think the result will be this week.

just love the confidence the Ti-Cat fans have here.

but it'll be all for not Sunday.

the Fans of the Stamps might be cocky or over confident but there's no way in Hell that Hufnagel will allow his players to become over confident about playing the Ti-Cats.

Stamps will win by no less than 14

Hey big mouth, you counted the 'Cats out and said they would never make the playoffs with two weeks left in the season. You said the Argos and Als were better teams. Now you just look like a goofball. Don't know how old you are but you obviously know nothing about football.

...utter nonsense...to a tee the stamp fans on this board were nervous as hell going into the WF, and I have yet to see a stamps fan, one who cheered for the team the entire season, not one that just hit the bandwagon, say anything cocky or over-confident...

...neither is the team, heard Huf on the radio yesterday as the team prepared to depart for BC and he said the team is very serious about this game and their opponent, a Hamilton team that they know is not like the team they played earlier in the year and one that deserves to be respected...

...I still say Calgary wins, but not easily, 27-24

And what a surprise :roll: I told everyone already how all the so called Trash talkin' will be coming from so called fans of teams not in this years Big Game. I agree 1000% with ya red&white,it seems like the only two fan bases that aren't trash talkin' are the fans of the Stamps and Cats. But not to worry it seems like a certain few Rider and Al fans as well as others are filling in nicely when it comes to the trash talkin'. Hell the way some see it the Stamps have already won the Cup,no need for the Cats even bothering showing up on Sunday :roll: But hey not to worry it's not our fault that the two classiest organizations in the league are the final two standing this year. :smiley:

Brandon Banks with some good blocking on punts will make the Stamps choke, right now I'm sure the Stamps are scared poopless and spending so much time on how to prevent him returning punts it's deflecting proper preparation in the whole for the GC. IMHO. Shut down Cornish and this game should be a relatively easy win for the Cats as Collaros is the better qb as well as the oline and the Cats are hungry.