5 Reason s Why Danny Mac is Better Then Maas

I will Never Respect Jason Maas as Our Starter.
so here are 5 Reason I like Danny mac Better Then Maas.

(5) Cool Under Pressure not a Hot Head
(4) Can Throw The Ball Deep.. Maas who Knows.
(3) a true Leader dose not have Yell at Fans
(2) Respects Everyone from the Fan to Mangentment
(1) Helps With Mac Kids.. Mass has not done any work that I heard of With Mac Kids..

one reason why he isnt better. Doesnt have darren.

Danny s.u.c.k.e.d before darren.
Danny s.u.c.k.e.d after darren.

What you want is a QB who can throw at least twice as many TDs and INTs and win games, no matter who the recievers are.

Even if that were true, they did play together for 10 years. That's a pretty long time to not s.u.c.k. Most QBs would be happy if their whole careers were so successful. Just ask Khari.

it just ticked me off that in spite of their success, specially in 94, that danny kept losing so many games by throwing an excessive number of INTs. So frustrating. I think, if it wasnt for darren and danny being so much in synce, danny’s numbers would have been terrible.

danny macmanus is old, overrated, a has-been, and will never be a hall of famer, so stop hyping him up.

reason #6: misology

  1. Onknight, I think Maas WILL be the best thing to happen to us in awhile, we just need coaches. Sure he's not the nice guy, but we don't need a nice guy, we need a guy that's going to freak on someone for dropping a pass. Trust me, it works.

  2. McManus is old, which is why he's a back-up and will retire. He has never been overrated, when he was in his prime he was great to watch. He will be in the HOF. A 50,000 yard passer is a GUARANTEE in the HOF.

he has 50,000 yards, big deal, he played in high octane offenses that make your numbers look good, its just a college qb playing in a passing offense at air force or byu, mcmanus is nothing but a glorified robotic pocket passer.

I'd like you to look at that number. 50,000. Big deal? Only THREE Quarterbacks in the CFL have passed for 50,000+ yards. And it's NO BIG DEAL? McManus, Allen, and Lancaster. Notice a trend? They're all all-star quarterbacks.

Cody Leadbetter, Reggie Slack, Khari Jones, David Corley, Brady, Pete Gonzalez, the list goes on.... if the offense was an automatic "numbers boost" why did these guys all su.c.k to high heaven in it?

Danny Mac WAS a great QB, now Maas is better. stop living in 1999

A: That is the most ridiculous post i've read yet. Or maybe we've just never had a good one. (exception Calvillo who is hispanic, but wasn't even close to his prime when Dmac was brought in to turn things around in '98. Other exception Damon Allen, but he's been chased off every team in the league so i don't bother to count him in that pile.)

B: coulda sworn that Ledbetter was a white guy.

C: different post, but saying that ALlen got Austin fired is just laughable, he was injured and couldn't play, Austin's inability to use a backup QB and a dumbed down system killed him.

We need Danny Mac back. The boys at the Stoney Creek Attic.

allen did get austin fired, he wanted adam rita as his offensive coordinator, because adam was damon's coach in b.c. in 2000 when they won the cup, also allen plans to retire and become the teams offensive coordinator.

I am just Saying Jason Mass is a Classless
Rude Hot Head..

Who has Bum Shoulder

Edmonton Won this Trade IMO...

Danny Mac was good as long as there was no pressure - as soon as the opposing D brought it - then Danny would throw it away - frequently to the the opposition.

Danny did not like taking a hit. Plain and simple.

Yes he threw for 50,000 yards. too bad that a chunk of that was to the other team.

As for Jason Maas, you better get used to the idea of him being your QB because he is it for the foreseeable future. GET BEHIND HIM, SUPPORT HIM, Chear him on.


The Bassman 8)

Five reasons why Danny Mac is better than Jason Maas!

1- He’s a member of the quarterback club for most yardage thrown in a carreer along with Damon Allen and Ron Lancaster.

2-He’s listed as one part of a “Best” reciever/QB combo.

3-He’s not hurt.

4-He plays about one thousand feet above sea level higher in Calgary

5- He won a Grey Cup for the Ti-Cats in 99… :cowboy:

PS: GO Jason !

First off, taking shots at any passer prolific enough to earn 50,000 yards in his carreer is crazy. Taking shots at all of the only three to do so is pure rediculous.

Give credit where credit is due...

Maas' TD:INT ratio isn't looking so hot right now either...

I am just Saying Jason Mass is a Classless Rude Hot Head..
Why "Onknight"?...because he confronted you in the stands one game after you harrassed him from your seat endlessly? :roll:

Myself, I'd like to see Eakin get more chances but Jason is still a good QB who is clearly struggling....in my opinion, not switching up the QBs is a wrong approach but I'm not the coach.....they couldn't afford me! :lol:

Ya but you didnt like Jason before he got here, so its not like your opinion has changed.

I believe you called him a "PLOW"

Any QB who put up any numbers had to have a quality reciever to throw the ball too . Where would Calvillo be without Cahoon and we seen where Winnepeg is without Stegall havent we ??

Danny Mac is a great person and was a very good QB . Anyone who says different is not a football fan .

Jason Maas is a very good QB too whether he puts up Danny Mac numbers remanins to be seen . But im behind him 100 percent and everyone else should too . And no im not in favour of a 2 QB system . Why is it that thier are always people who want the backup to play no matter who the starter is ??