5 Questions the key to this season

There 5 Questions in Hamilton
(1) How will new DC and OC do and Adjust this year.
(2) will the OLine be better at Blocking
(3) Have the ticats fix the kicking game
(4) How will the DB's be this year in a New System
(5) Can Glen Stay Healthy

If the Ticats don't get right answers to these questions
they'll miss the playoffs with IMO will be an 11 loss season with only 7 wins

if they get the right Answers
we could see a challenger for 1st in the east.
we could see a 11 Wins or better

I am looking forward to Camp so I can for myself.

I'm worried about Q#5...We don't have a reliable #2 QB. Thats one with CFL experience that dosn't have dropsy.
The Argos have two. :thdn:

Argos don't even have one.

An Argo-Cat fan

Maintaining an effective and balanced attack from the RB spot is huge. If all you can do is pass - defenses will eventually clue in no matter who your OC is.

I think they traded for one from Winnipeg did they not ?
I agree they need a #2 Just like Hamilton and Winnipeg

Montreal seem to be pretty good with it's #2

I must say while we are lacking a good back up QB, the blue team have two decent back up QB's.. There problem is they need a starter, both can't come off the bench, one of them has to start the game.. :lol:

I'm not ready to write-off Porter yet. Many QBs don't hit their prime until they are a little older. (See Anthony Calvillo for dropsy remedies). I think he needs to learn to be a little more patient and not to force things when there is nothing there, but the team obviously sees something there so I'm hoping they are right.

I totally agree. Heck... even our sainted Danny McMannus didn't hit his stride as a QB until his last season in BC. (That was his 6th year in the league.)

Yes But Danny show something before the 6 years mark

And what did AC show his first few years in the CFL?

Here are my five questions for this upcoming season:

  1. Will the new PA announcer be as annoying as the last?
  2. Will they finally turn down the volume on the PA speakers on the North side?
  3. Will the beer be cold and hotdogs cooked?
  4. What outfits will the Cheerleaders wear?
  5. Will the team wear the home or away uniforms November 27?

Good questions in that there is, as yet, no definite answer to any one of them. The best bet of all, IMHO, would be "No" on #1.
#s 2 and 3 will most likely also be "No," and #5 could be "either" if they're dressing that day -- Home if they represent the East, or Away if they cross over and win the West. As for the main question -- until they first appear, it'll just have to be whatever you imagine Ockham.

Really?? Check out his TD to INT ratio for his first 6 years.

Kevin Glenn va éclore comme un fruit mûr. Il a eu une très bonne saison en 2010 et devrait faire encore mieux en 2011 avec Cobourne pour bloquer. Il est un excellent passeur et s'améliore dans sa lectures des défensives.

La question est de savoir si Glenn va maintenant réussir à gagner les gros matchs. Il a parfois tendance à échapper ceux qui comptent.

Le point d'interrogation du côté offensif se trouve plus devant Glenn que derrière lui ou à ses côtés. Est-ce que la ligne offensive sera aussi efficace qu'en 2010? Si oui, les Tiger Cats seront vraiment dans la course sur ce plan.

Reste à voir si la relève des joueurs de défensive est prête à prendre le relai.

Bob, this forum needs a Translate button.

I don't see why the O-line wouldn't be as good this year. In fact, if the coaching staff gets its way, both tackles could be imports, which should make it even more effective.

And they better be able to win "the big game", or at least one, this year. Of course I'm hoping for them winning "The Big Game", the one with the word "Cup" in its name. '99 is way too long ago.

Finally a relevant opportunity to use (and share the result) of one of the free on-line translators. The above translated (literally in some spots - kind of funny) for those of us who are francophone-challenged:

"[i]Kevin Glenn will hatch as a ripe fruit. He has had a very good season in 2010, and should do better in 2011 with Cobourne to block. It is an excellent passer and improves in his lectures to the defensive.

The question is whether Glenn will now succeed in winning the big matches. It sometimes tends to escape those that have.

The question mark on the offensive side is found more before Glenn behind him or at his side. What is the offensive line will be as effective as in 2010? If Yes, the Tiger Cats will really be in the race on this plan.

Remains to be seen if the succession of defensive players is prepared to take the relay.[/i] "

Begs the question...... if he can READ English, why not POST in English?

It's possible that he's using an automatic page translator, so it all appears to him in French. Or he just forgot?

Ya, what he said :roll: :rockin: :roll: