5 QB's - 4 positions available

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REGINA —It appears that the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be releasing one of their five quarterbacks at the conclusion of rookie camp.

Head coach Ken Miller said after the Roughriders opened rookie camp Wednesday at Mosaic Stadium that it was likely one of the team’s five quarterbacks will be cut before Sunday’s main camp begins.

“At this point, I plan on going with four,’’ said Miller. “If it’s too close to call, we’ll go with five but I think that we might have four.’’

Darian Durant is the only member of the quarterback set at his position. Ryan Dinwiddie, Cole Bergquist, Kent Smith and Todd Reesing are locked in a competition to determine their positions on the depth chart as well as earning invitations to the main training camp.

Dinwiddie, who spent three seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, is the only member of the quartet with CFL game experience. One of Dinwiddie’s two starts with the Blue Bombers was in the 2007 Grey Cup game, which the Riders won 23-19. Dinwiddie was pressed into service in the Grey Cup game when starter Kevin Glenn suffered a broken arm in the East Division final.

Bergquist was on the Riders’ practice roster for most of the 2009 season. Smith played in the AF2 last season before making his way to the Riders in the off-season. Reesing joined the Riders after completing a stellar NCAA career with the Kansas Jayhawks.

The quarterbacks are aware of the numbers heading into main camp and how the competition is largely to see who will be second on the depth chart behind Durant.

“Everyone knows Darian is pencilled in as the guy and he’s earned that right,’’ said Dinwiddie, who missed the 2009 season after being released by the Blue Bombers before training camp. “We’re all coming in here to compete and you want to be as high as you can be on the depth chart if you can’t be No. 1.’’

Dinwiddie may have an advantage over Bergquist, Smith and Reesing in that competition because he has already been involved in a number of professional training camps.

“I’ve been through six or seven training camps and I know how to prepare,’’ said Dinwiddie. “Some of the guys have to learn about getting set up in the dorm rooms and about the league. I can see things on the field faster than those guys because I’ve been there before.’’

Adapting to the professional game could be the case for Reesing, who is making his first appearance at a CFL camp after four seasons with the Jayhawks. Reesing is learning the Canadian style of game, handling the Canadian football and everything else that is associated with making the step to the professional level.

“I was just happy to be out here,’’ Reesing said when asked about his first day of rookie camp. “It was great to face some live competition after being here for a while.’’

Reesing knows that one of the quarterbacks won’t be invited to training camp.

“Five isn’t four,’’ said Reesing. “I understand that I have to compete and show the coaches that I can make all of the throws and the right reads. That’s the fun part — coming up here and competing. That’s what you do as a football player.’’

The Riders carried five quarterbacks for a large part of the 2009 season. Durant and Bergquist are the lone returnees from that group. Steven Jyles, who was second on the depth chart, signed with the Blue Bombers as a free agent. Dalton Bell was traded to the Toronto Argonauts and Graham Harrell was released during the off-season.

Miller chuckled when reminded of having five quarterbacks on the roster in 2009 but feels it just works better at training camp with four quarterbacks.

“We have repetitions that are available for four,’’ said Miller. “When you throw a fifth into the mix, it’s really tough for the top four to get the reps to understand the system and get the work they need.’’

Rookie camp continues Thursday and Friday.


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So I guess we already knew this, but it looks like they are cutting one of the quarterbacks before training camp.

At this point, 2 thing are (nearly) certain:

  1. Durant isn't going anywhere.
  2. With all the trouble Rider Management went through to get Reesing, and as well as Dinwiddie - I don't see them going anywhere.

That leaves Cole Bergquist and Kent Smith. I am thinking that since Cole has been on the team awhile now and knows the terminology and the game that he would have the upper hand here. I know Kent Smith apparently has a strong arm and good mobility, but he just seems like the odd one out here. He doesn't seem to really fit the roster. I think he could definitely be released and maybe signed to another team that could use him. I would be surprised and a little disappointed if Bergquist was released instead of Smith, but that is just me.

I am thinking that this season the QB positions will be something like this:

  1. Durant
  2. Dinwiddie
  3. Bergquist
  4. Reesing (with a possibility of moving up the depth chart quickly)

well, you never know really. Someone could surprise and force the Riders to make a big decision! seen it before.

Well I know it is only the first day of rookie camp and he has a lot to learn coming up to the CFL, but with only two days left in rookie camp apparently John Lynch said that Reesing looked the worst of all the quarterbacks on day 1. I also think that Reesing will be sticking around after all the trouble they went to to bring him in, but you never know, if he has two more bad days it very well could be him heading home too. (I hope not)

IIRC I read a quote from Coach Berry saying that it was possible that all 5 would make it to the main camp. Will be interesting to see what comes down the pipe later today.

It is interesting that the only QB that has not received positive press is Dinwiddie. HMM!!

I've been reading lots of good reports thus far on Dinwiddie's performance at camp thus far... not sure where you read the opposite. From what I understand Dinwiddie and Cole are neck and neck.

Personally I hope Cole wins out the #2 spot... I don't mind seeing Dinwiddie in the #3 spot for now, just don't have a good gut feeling about him in the #2 spot.

I was not at camp today but yesterday Cole was the worst of the bunch. He was terrible. Kent Smith was the next best to Durant IMO. Berquist couldn't even run an option properly. Reesing was so so. He had some decent throws but had the happy feet in the pocket. Dinwiddie just does not have an arm which I think comes as no surprise. I hope Smith makes the team...even though he is a lefty. I know that Artie is dying to see a lefty pan out in the CFL :lol:

However, we may have a secret weapon with Dinwiddie...after the camp yesterday he punted 5 balls, a couple of which went 50+ in the air, including a 55 yard bomb. A backup punter that can throw :slight_smile:

Really? He's a modern day Danny White!

I was at camp today, but not yesterday. I think Dinwiddie has already made the cut. I heard about the same review of Cole yesterday, but he was pretty good today. Smith was alright, but failed to get the ball away on a few plays---but maybe the D gets credit on a couple of those. He definitely throws a nicer ball than Reesing. Smith was having trouble hitting his receivers deep, but that could just be timing, and at least they were in a place where the receiver gets it, or nobody does.
Reesing was simply not good. He runs the option great, can set up a screen pass great. Throw the ball 10 yards? Not so much. He had one beauty about 20 yards that he dropped into the hole. But he threw some passes that can only be described as terrible. And that the DB should have/could have picked off. And there were far too many of those. If the decision was a dead heat heading into day 2, Reesing would be cut.
Fortunately for him, he has more on the plate than a couple of practices, and the age factor is in his favour.
So now we wait.

You guys who go to training camp, please do continue to give us your views on what is transpiring. I, for one, really like them as it is the closest feel that us foreigners can have to being there. It don't matter if one of you says black and the other sees the same thing and says white - your perspective is yours but please do continue to share it. :thup: :rockin: :thup:

Foreigners? Where are you from Legal?

I plan on hitting up the practices this week. I don't work until Thursday so maybe I'll drop in Wednesday.

From Saskatchewan. But live in Québec now ... it's kinda far and different. Okay, maybe not "foreign" ...

Roger Connery and I went to practice on the Sunday morning. Based on that practice alone, Bergquist was terrible!

He reminded me of trying to play Madden Football when I'm rusty. Sixfive Lefty is like a bad experiment in the Madden create a player mode.

In all honesty, his long distancce accuracy was really bad, but his short throws were real hard and moderately accurate.

I would be willing to bet taht he is sent home. I wish him well though.

Hey quick question, is there training camp tomorrow (or today, as it's past midnight now here)?

Yes. And you can find times on Riderville, which of course this site provides a link for.
Tues: 8:15 and 10:30 (approx.)

I'll give you a bigger taste of what I saw then.
Wes Cates looks ready and able. Dressler was running routes and partook in all drills today, but I imagine they will assess him on a day to day basis for now. But he looked okay---maybe not 100%, but he could play.
I thought the best new receiver was Fairooz. The worst was Gilchrist. I thought Bell struggled on the line a bit, but the depth is there.
I didn't really watch the D that much. But a good group of athletes competing, so we'll be okay. Shomari is doing well. Good hustle, fast, knocked Bell back into DD on one play in a straight up bull rush.
I'd be glad to answer any questions if I can about specific players or events.
I think I'll be back at camp later this week.

Thanks a bunch Arius! :smiley:

Sounds like Reesing was cut.
A lot of hype and no show I guess. So much for the "next Flutie".

[url=http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/2010/06/reesing-cut.html]http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/2010/06 ... g-cut.html[/url]

Who knows....cuts in training camp sometimes re-appear later..it could be that. Or, it could be he just wasn't that good. Arius watched camp and thought he was clearly the worst of the 5.

I am surprized, but like it is being rumoured, Reesing could re-surface after TC.