5 players on your team that you think will breakout

Pretty Simple, list 5 (or more) players that you think will have a break out year in comparrison to other years, doesn't matter if they are already established in previous seasons who do you think will or needs to?

Here's mine for the Riders:

  1. Kye Stewart
  2. Tristen Jackson
  3. Robb Bagg
  4. Brandon Labatte
  5. Darian Durant

Very hard to pick, outside of Fred Stamps;

  1. Simoni Lawrence
  2. Cory Koch
  3. Rashad Jeanty
  4. Steve Jyles
  5. Greg Carr

For the Ticats

  1. Bakari Grant
  2. Henry Burris
  3. Stevie Baggs
  4. Martel Mallett
  5. Andy Fantuz

1.Stevie Baggs
2.Andy Fantuz
3.Rey Williams
4.Bakari Grant
5.Henry Burris

Not sure how Smiling Hank could be considered a "breakout" after winning the MVP two years ago. Or did you get confused think it meant "coming out" instead of "breaking out"?

Well, I can't pick five players from my Montreal Alouettes that I truly think are going to breakout, since there's a lot of new faces on defense this year for the Als, but, aside from the likes of Rod Davis and Aaron Hunt, who will doubtlessly have an impact, I think two players in particular that might have breakout seasons could be Eric Deslauriers on offense and Seth Williams on defense.

With the retirement of Watkins, Deslauriers could very well become a starting receiver thanks to his NI status, which would give the Als flexibility elsewhere. If he does grab a starting job at receiver, he could potentially have his best season.

As for Seth Williams, we saw him fill in admirably for what was nothing short of a destroyed secondary for the Alouettes last season. With some experience under his belt, and the fact that Montreal has been working tirelessly on their defense over the off-season, Williams could maybe even be the new Marc Estelle for the Alouettes.

Drew Tate
Anthony Parker
justin Conn
LaMarcus Coker
Cory Mace

1 - Bakari Grant - I think last season was just the tip of the iceberg as far as his potential.
2 - Stevie Baggs - I think he will be better utilized this year and show the CFL he's a still a force to be recokened with
3 - Martell Mallet - If he brings 80% of what he had in BC to the table, our running game will do quite well
4 - Eddie Steele - A young D. Lineman that now has some experience, look for him to shut down the run
5 - Chris Williams - I suspect with Thigpen gone, Williams will be taking over return duties. If he starts finding seems, his speed could easily make him a special teams force. That is if you don't feel a rookie of the year performance is enough.

Andy Fantuz however I don't expect big things from unless opposing Defences play dumb. He's going to be making our other receivers look good while he pulls double coverage. If opponents don't match up with him right though, with Burris who has a big arm, look for him to start catching some long bombs.

What a great thread. Here are mine using only players who have not yet had a feature or star season:

  1. Ted Laurent
  2. Simoni Lawrence
  3. Marcus Henry
  4. Julius Williams
  5. Rashad Jeanty
  1. Cory Boyd: Will lead the league in rushing
  2. Spencer Watt: Will show he is a CFL reciever
  3. Ricky Ray: Will not decline in play from last year
  4. The D-line: Sucked last year but this year will improve under much better coaching
  5. Jason Barnes: Will be Ray's main target and get over 1000 yards.

Adam Braidwood could breakout.

[url=http://www.theprovince.com/health/Former+Eskimo+Braidwood+seizing+second+chance+boxer/6237104/story.html]http://www.theprovince.com/health/Forme ... story.html[/url]

Braidwood is doing what he needs to do to get well. Best wishes to Adam :thup:

Breakout players for the Als:

Seth Williams
Moton Hopkins
Brandon London
Marco Brouillette
Daunte Akra

Can only see three breakout players on the Ticats:

  • Terry Grant
  • Woodny Turenne
  • Stevie Baggs - back again

Not to say there won't be a lot of star performances, but the rest were already there last year so wouldn't qualify as breakouts.

In BC:

  • Rajon Henley
  • Kierre Johnson
  • James Yurichuk
  • Cauchy Muamba
  • Shawn Gore

Just wanted to say I'm glad I am not the only Cats fan who noticed Woodny Turenne's potential/talent last season, I think this guy is the real deal. While im posting, mine as well make a list

Darcy Brown
Bakari Grant
Robert Rose
Terry Grant
Ike Brown

*Aaron Kelly (i dont know if he will get a chance, but I just love this guys skill set)

Darcy Brown - I’m not sure if he’ll be playing much this year. With two all-star non-import receivers, we may end up leaving them in and going with an import TE/FB.

Bakari Grant - He’s one of the ones I didn’t include because I thought he played well last year. But then, he could very easily become even better, so I’m adding him to my list.

Robert Rose - Again, with Baggs and Peach at DE, he probably won’t be playing thee. But if he ends up at DT, he could make a name for himself. And there’s my fifth breakout player.

Terry Grant - Oh, yeah!

Ike Brown - And another player who probably won’t be seeing the field much outside of special teams, given our strength at LB.

A dark horse for me is Jeremy Kelley, assuming we re-sign him. I don’t see him cracking the starting line-up at receiver this year, but the guy is a heat-seeking missile on ST. In the few games he played last year, he made, or at least contributed on, an impressive number of tackles. He always seemed to be the first guy on the returner, and with his size (wing-span?), was able to bottle him up all by himself.

aha kind of picked me apart here :lol: thats fine, every point you made was valid but I couldnt pick obvious players so I am going to defend myself sort of :lol:

Brown-The guy is a monster, hes a slotback in a fullbacks body and I really think Cortez is going to recognize this guys talent and do what he can do implement him into the offense, who says we can only have two great non-imports on offense :wink:

Grant- I agree he was good last year but id like to see him start every game, he can easily break 1000 yards, but with all our talent at receiver, if Hank spreads the ball around, i think we will have maybe one 1000yards receiver (maybe Andy, maybe Williams or maybe even Bakari...I LOVE TALENT :lol: ) and 2 or 3 other guys with 800+

Robert Rose- The guy was a monster at Dtackle at the end of the year, it just seemed like every play I was watching this guy push the offensive line backwards, also Baggs and Peach wont be able to go every down, same with our Dtackles, Rose will definetly get his fair share of snaps this year...i hope

T-Grant- self explanatory, guy is a player, give him the ball, watch magic happen

Ike Brown- I specifically meant he was going to just be a dominate force on special teams, and I think he will get a few snaps on D too, but everyone knows Marc Beswicks name, why? hes a special team demon, Ike Brown will be too (already was before his injury)

just thought I'd explain my choices, havent been posting a lot lately so nice to talk some football again :slight_smile:

also I love your Jeremy Kelley pick, the guy was great of ST at the end of the season, and know who else was a great ST that no one seemed to really notice, Bakari Grant, I remember in the Montreal game at home (not labour day) he just destroyed the returner before half time, I was standing in the endzone and was just like WOW...that was Bakari!!

David Veikune
Kenny Rowe
Eddie Russ
Jordan Sisco
and I want to say a new face on the OL...not sure who...I will go Dan Clark

And another prediction, Shomari Williams cut by 6 games

Lulay (a continuation of the last half of 2011)
Tim Brown
Keron Williams
Shawn Gore
Jason Arakgi (with all the talented Import DBs in the backfield he might get targeted more)

Drew Tate
John Cornish
Marquay Mcdaniels
Corey Mace
Keon Raymond

Cary Koch
Julius Williams
Marcus Howard
Greg Wojt
Gregg Carr