5-player trade between Ticats and Esks

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have completed a five-player trade with the Edmonton Eskimos, acquiring non-import offensive lineman Greg Wojt, import linebacker Simoni Lawrence and import quarterback Jeremiah Masoli in exchange for non-import linebacker Nathan Kanya and the rights to non-import offensive lineman Carson Rockhill.
[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-complete-five-player-deal-with-esks]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-com ... -with-esks[/url]

I like this trade. Rockhill was a project and Kanya was strictly a special teamer.

I believe Wojt has experience at tackle.

I'm not too familiar with Lawrence, but hopefully he can push Rey Williams.

Austin coached Masoli at Ole Miss.

Getting a starting NI OL, a pretty good-sounding LB, and a QB for a ST NI LB and a late-round draft pick sounds good to me.

At this point, I chalk it up as a win for our new GM (especially if one of our LBs gets hurt...).

Austin was named head coach at Cornell University in January 2010, he didn't coach Masoli at Ole Miss.

I agree Austin's first trade as the Cats' main man appears to be a good one. But, Rockhill wasn't a "late-round" draft pick. The Cats selected him in the 2nd round, the 13th overall pick last spring.

I can just tell that Eric Tillman helped Kent Austin out with this trade. All these guys involved were HEAVILY loved by ET when he was in Edmonton.

The breakdown:
Greg Wojt for Carson Rockhill.
Hamilton gets experience, but an injury prone tackle. He makes a decent amount of $$$ which lead to this trade.
Edmonton gets younger, but still has to sign Rockhill. This trade could pay off for Hervey big time, thats if Edmonton can sign him.

Nathan Kenya for Simoni Lawerence.
Hamilton gets a backup import linebacker who will be good in the dressing room and in the community. He has potienal to start but lacks the strength to make a key tackle.
Edmonton gets a backup non import linebacker. Edmonton's never had good enough depth at linebacker for non imports. Good move for special teams, and addressing that need.

Jerimiah Masoli.
Hamilton gets a quick small QB with potienal. A solid addition to Hamiltons depth at QB for sure. But no loss to Edmonton who has Reilly & Nichols.

In the End, a good deal for both teams.

Would not be surprised if Tillman is employed by the Ticats as we speak.

Seems like a fair bit of upside to this one. Need OL help for sure.

Kanya is made obsolete if we sign Plesius.
OL Carson is spare parts if we draft 6'7" 330 pound Matt Sewell.

Looks like we gain experienced Canadian OL depth, and options at LB and QB.
love the move!!

Yikes ... not a great start to the 2010 collegiate season for Jeremiah Masoli.


Some other interesting tidbits on the Wiki page as well. This is the kind of story Drew tends to write about when a new player comes to town.

Not exactly a role model. Hopefully he's matured and left that all in the past.

Note to all Ticats:

LOCK YOUR DORM ROOM DOOR at training camp.

Yikes is right.

I'm all in favour of second chances, but he's had three sets of convictions for assorted illegal activities.

Fourth chances? Not so much.

There's illegal, and then there's illegal. The burglary was bad, and driving with a suspended licence, also bad. Possession of less than an ounce of marijuana? Meh. And failing to stop when entering a roadway? I guess that depends on how fast he was going. (How many people have never rolled through a stop sign?)

I'm willing to give him another chance. Given what his run-ins with the law almost cost him, his entire football career, I suspect that he's learned his lesson. Hope so, anyway.

I agree with you about the weed and the stop sign. I don't count those. I was thinking of :

2005- robbery, jail time
2010- burglary, probation
2010- driving with suspended license, kicked off team.

You're more generous than I might be. But I agree, I hope he's learned his lesson. I wish him luck, and also wisdom.

I missed the 2005 robbery in my reading. Hmmmm.... Ok, VERY short leash on this guy.

If Wojt can start or be a backup at tackle, then this trade looks good for the Cats. I'm still hoping the kid from McMaster(Matt Sewell) and Husband/Baillargeon are our starting tackles in 2013. Throw Hage, Dyakowski, O'Neill, and Petrus into the mix and we have our all Canadian Oline. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I'm sure Mikem just threw up in his soup. :lol: :lol: :lol:


Don't get your hopes up on Petrus, he's not coming to the CFL. In fact, he's probably done with football all together.

Very true.