5 PFF Grades that standout from Week 1

TORONTO — One week doesn’t a season make, but it can definitely be the start of something.

No system is perfect when it comes to grading players, but the more data you add to the equation, the closer you get to a clearer picture. That’s why small sample sizes can be deceiving, but they also provide a piece of evidence that helps understand where teams (and individual players) stand as the 2024 CFL season takes off.

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Something seems very wonky with these stats. For example Derick Mills is listed first with an 80.7 for 106 yards from scrimmage an average of 6.7 on the ground. Butler playing the same game isn’t listed and had 131 yards from scrimmage and 9.2 average o the ground.
Why is Mills listed but not Butler? Butler has better stats for week 1
Trevor Harris is listed with 91.6 - 22 of 31 attempts 305 yards (70.9%) 3 TDs 2 interceptions. Jake Maier 21 of 26 attempts (80.7%) for 300 yards 2 TDs 0 interceptions. Again why Harris not Maier ? Maier has better stats than Harris.
I did not compare other players listed with others who played, but the trend shows reason to question this article

The article isn’t saying Mills or Harris had the best stats. Only that they are stats to “focus” on.

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