5-Pack Options

So the Ticats released the three possible 5-pack options to season ticket holders today.


Hard to envision anyone picking Packages A or B, where you get 1 pre-season game and 4 regular season games, over Package C, where you get 5 regular season games. Everyone knows pre-season games are useless, and the Ticats have totally devalued pre-season games by giving out thousands and thousands of free tickets to them over the past few years. I know I'm certainly not paying full price for the right to drive an hour and watch pre-season football.

I'm only guessing, but I assume that's why C is the only option that does not include the lone home game against the Argos. They probably figure the Argo game will be a priority for many fans. When this whole 3-option idea was first conceived, they were probably really hoping to be able to host the Argos on Labour day, which would have made its exclusion from one of the packages an even bigger factor in the minds of many fans.

Actually I like package A the best. We pay for the preseason game when we buy season tickets anyway so I don't know why they wouldn't include it. I might not be able to go to it, but the teams in package C are of the least interest to me and package B has WPG twice.

Thanksgiving against the Blew team will be the high point of the regular season - ticket demand will far outstrip supply for that one. No surprise that it isn't in the third package. I'm sure anyone buying that package will get a chance to get the Thanksgiving game as an add-on at a reasonable fee.

I am in disgust that this management team would sink so low as to put a pre-season game in not just one but two of the 3 options. Before putting a down-payment down on my 5 game pack, I specifically asked if the pre-season game was being excluded from the choices and was told that the pre-season will not be part of the mini-packs. In no other sport have I seen mini-packs with pre-season games in them, as they are useless and meanless games. I will be speaking with my rep and cancelling my 5 game pack as they have not provided (once again) what they promised. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this organization and quite frankly fed-up with their mickey mouse tactics.

As for the comment that we already pay for pre-season game when we buy seasons tickets, that statement is incorrect. We buy SEASON tickets, the pre-season is a freebie that is bundled with our season tickets.

Actually no it is not a freebie. Anyone who got a refund for the Moncton game got back 1/10 of the season ticket price. We pay for 10 games. That includes pre-season. Same goes for the season ticket package in Guelph. You are paying for 10 games. When I buy a single game ticket at my season seat holder price it tells me how much each game is and if I multiply it by 10 NOT 9 it gives me my cost for the year. I'm not a mathematician, but I have 10 fingers and a calculator for back-up if I need it.

I pay for the pre-season game (which I have never attended) as part of my season's seats. It's part of the deal.

The five-packs have an option - pre-season and thanksgiving games, or no preseason/no thanksgiving. Either way, you are saving money off the per-game price by buying the bundled package.

Everybody out there has the option to get every game they want, and only those games, by buying single game tickets. As many or as few as you wish.

Pretty friggin' simple.

As an out-of-towner to Hamilton and living in the Blew Teams area code I am very excited about the 5-Pack and all of the options available. That Toronto game is going to be rocking :rockin: and if I have to take a pre-season game to get the best seats and tickets before they're out, so be it. I can't understand the fans that are actually upset about a pre-season game, boo hoo I don't get to pick all the games I want, if you wanted all the games you want get the full season then and pass off games you don't want to Guelph locals. It's easy to spot the true fans and ones that just love to complain about anything they can and hate on the team.

I have been a season ticket holder for over 30 years and was determined to stay positive about the Ticats in Guelph this year. Lets make the best of it and all that. I have my tickets for this year but my son was only able to buy a 5 pack. Im shocked to see that two of the five packs have exhibition games in them....and if you want to see what may be the biggest of the year when Toronto comes on Thanksgiving you must take an exhibition game in your package. If I recall as a season ticket holder last year I was offered up to 10 Free tickets for the exhibition game, which tells me that even Ticat Management does not treat Exhibition games as real games....except this year when you buy a 5 pack.
None of the 5 packs should have an exhibition games in them (when last year they were free games) IMHO.....having said that I will stop my whine and continue to support the Cats, and our great Caretaker.

So I called my rep and after various conversations about the options and how pre-season should not be in a 5 pack, well alone in 66% of the packages, I took the refund and cancelled my 5 pack packages. Judging by the rep comments, if enough people call-up and complain about the BS around the pre-season game, the Mgmt team may re-evaluate the 5 game packages.

And I will let the door hit my butt on the way, right in the wallet where I keep the $900 ticket lost by mgmt stupidity!

I have been a STH for many years and I have always paid for pre-season tickets, yes the team has giving me extra’s as a bonus over the years, so I took my entire family and some friends and had a great time on the team.

It is funny how no matter what this team does to reward STH’s to some it never seems to be enough.

I purchased the entire year in Guelph and will be paying for the pre-season game and for the record, I have friends and business relations in Guelph, I could pretty much sell all my tickets with the number of requests I’ve had.
If I can’t make it to a game at this point I have 12 interested parties that are concerned there will be no tickets available.

I think the team should make a ticket exchange available on the web site for only those who purchased the entire season, if you can not make all the games, for example I post 2 tickets the team sells them on the open market at full game day value and my account gets a credit for the price I paid. The team would profit by this and I would not be out of pocket.

Is there something wrong with me????
How come I'm not pissed off at the ticats?
Should I call my rep and bitch too?
What am I missing here?

Doesn't effect me, I'm on for the whole season.

Good thing you don't buy NHL or NBA tickets... 100% of their game packs include pre-season games. See, that's what TV's for... fair weather fans like you.

Don't think it's fair to compare the CFL to NBA and NHL, nor is it fair to call someone names because you disagree with them.

Nor is it fair/ok to call Ti-cat management stupid over their business policies !!!


If nobody didn't see it coming in a season where there are going to be only maybe 15000 seats to sell you are naive i assumed the way things have transpired with the 2 tier situation they would include the preseason games with the toronto games in the 5 pack games as on their own they probably would have a hard time selling the preseason game so it is smart business to include them to sell them . I myself figured they would be included so i optioned for the c package with no preseason game and i will go down the qew to see my cats play toronto in toronto to get my argo sucks fix