5 of the next 11

5 of the next 11 games are against Winnipeg and Toronto. These are teams we can beat and need to beat to make the playoffs. We've had a slow start, and we have so much more stuff to work on, but at least we are making some progress this season. Don't count this team out yet everyone!!! :rockin:

5? Hmm interesting, I havent been following winnipeg too much this season, Isnt milt suppose to be coming back?

Winnipeg isn't "developing into a winner" this year like a lot of people are claiming. They really are a weak team that didn't take any steps forward, and as a result have slid backwards. We can beat Winnipeg. Not saying we will for sure, but their is no reason we can't take the 4 game series with them this year, which almost in an of itself would give us playoffs (for sure it would knock them out of contention).