5 nouveaux Alouettes

Les Alouettes ont signé des contrats avec 5 joueurs américains.


Remene Alston Jr. (5'8'', 200 livres, porteur de ballon) Voilà de la concurrence pour Whitaker, ou une alternative à Cobourne?

Paul Smith (6'1'', 208 livres, quart-arrière) Voilà de la compétition pour Leak.

Buster Davis (5'9'', 251 livres, secondeur) Je suis surpris de l'embauche d'un secondeur aussi petit (quoique le poids y est).

Reggie Smith (5'11'', 195 livres, receveur éloigné) Un autre candidat pour les retours de bottés. Vann est mieux d'ouvrir les vannes

Jermaine McGhee (6'2'', 200 livres, ailier défensif) Qu'est-ce que Popp veut faire avec un AD de 200 lbs? Un porteur de ballon?

Jermaine McGhee,qui est agé de 27 ans,-1983-12-31- mesure 6-3 et pèse 257. Un peu plus AD.


Je me disais, aussi.

A little background on QB Paul Smith.

[url=http://www2.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/TU/article.aspx?subjectid=94&articleid=20110201_94_0_PaulSm795691]http://www2.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/ ... ulSm795691[/url]

With these latest additions, the off-season roster has 76 players,i.e.41 imports and 35 non-imports. These numbers include Brandon Whitaker. We have 15 defensive linemen,i.e.8 imports and 7 non-imports and 14 linebackers,i.e. 7 imports and 7 non-imports.
What the scouts were saying about Paul Smith-QB-:
An undersized West Coast,rhythm passer, in the mold of Jeff Garcia.He is a good football player who knows how to play the game and makes the most of his opportunities.

About Buster Davis -MLB or OLB-:
Runs the 40 in 4.69. Has a terrific football temperament and plays the game with a fiercy passion that cannot be tought. Davis is a good football player,pure and simple, and will become a factor in the pros. An absolute warrior who smells blood and can be counted on with the game on the line. Outstanding,productive.Strong and durable. Very good nose for the football.Good instincts. The major concern was his height.

Training camp will not come soon enough.


Thanks Richard for keeping posted- you are often the first person to know of these signings!

Davis (versatile scatback) and Smith (West Coast rhythm passer) sound like great fits for us. I can't wait for training camp. :thup:

Same here and providing they dont go hours out of town, I'll be able to catch some practices for the first time in 10 years :slight_smile:

Excluding players on the practice roster ans disable,at the end of the season, the Als have added 14 players-only 3 shown on roster-since the 2010 Grey Cup game. These players are:
Paul Smith-QB-I In 3 years at Tulsa, he passed for 10,627 yards,threw 82 TDs, ran for 665 yards and scored 27 TDs.Efficiency of 149.6
Remene Alston Jr-RB-I
Matt Landros-WR-N
Prechea Rodriguez-WR-I
Reggie Smith-WR-I
John Hashen-OL-N
Claude Harriott-DE-I
Jervonte Jackson-DT-I
Jermaine McGhee-DE-I
Buster Davis-LB-I
Sterling Lewis-LB-I
Brian Ridgeway-LB-N
Anthony Deslauriers-DB-N
Seth Williams-DB-I

Of the current 76 players signed,-75 excluding Whitaker- I expect/would not be surprised if the following players will be released,become free agents and/or retire.
Ike Charlton-LB-I
Damon Duval-K- I
Chris Leak-QB- I
Shawn Mayne-DE-N
Matthieu Proulx-S-N
Walter Spencer -LB-N
Gavon Walls-DE- I

In the next weeks/months,I expect the Als/Jim Popp to add no less than 10 players,excluding canadian draft choices.Some of these players could include:
Nate Costa -QB-I Senior at Oregon
Jarriett Buie-DE- I Played in game 18, in 2010
Dan Klecko-DT- I In the "mire" of Jim Popp for some time. 30 years old. 5-11,275. Despite his size,he played 63 games in the NFL,from 2003 to 2008. Attended Falcons training camp in 2010,but released in September. Unique athlete. Very strong for
his size.Plays with a non-stop motor. I hope to have this player on the defensive line.
Nick Setta-K- I
Ty Steinkuhler -DT- I On practice roster,in October 2010
Sam Swank-K- Competed with Colt David, when Damon was hurt
Bryan Evans-CB/LB- I Played in game 18,in 2010


Thanks for the update Richard.

I think we should also expect the team to sign 2010 draft choice LB Curtis Dublanko.

Only 117 days till rookies report - June 1!

Welcome and thanks to you for the article on Paul Smith. Refreshing reading; good publicity for the CFL/the Als.

I also expect that we will sign Curtis Dublanko.


Pas si sûr en ce qui concerne Evans. Lors de la partie qu'il a jouée, il a raté plusieurs couvertures et s'est fait briser sur des plaqués. Par contre, Vann avait réussi plusieurs plaqués ne concédant que de courts gains, et par deux fois est venu compléter le plaqué qu'Evans avait manqué. Curieusement, Vann n'apparaît pas dans l'alignement sur le site des Alouettes, mais apparaît sur le site de la LCF.

LeRoy Vann est un des joueurs ajoutés à l'alignement -voir CFL transactions du 29 novembre 2010- mais non inscrit au/sur site/alignement des Alouettes. Déjà plus de 2 mois. 10 autres joueurs potentiels sont dans le "même bateau". Je crois que Noah Sidel-celui qui faisait les mises à jour-n'a pas été remplacé.


I can’t remember specifics, but I do remember when Buie was released I was a little surprised. RE: Buie, Klecko, and Steinkuhler - don’t all three of these guys have NFL experience? I would think adding these three certainly couldn’t hurt.

Only Klecko has had-63 games- NFL experience; the other 2 were in training camps,in 2009 and 2010, but released before beginning of regular season.


Thanks, Richard!

Nate Costa QB, Oregon State: A strong QB 6'1 210. Starting QB, played 9 games until injury shut him down for season. Passed for 25 out of 33 attempts for 286 yds. His average gain was 31.8 yds. Strong running QB with 6.9 yard average. In 2009 he was rated as starting QB until he suffered torn ligaments which benched him for the rest of the season. Was named one of outstanding High School prospects. His last 2 years as a Duck ended his play early 09 and 2010.
ref Oregon Ducks,Yahoo.ca.

The Als off-season roster has now been updated; there are 75 players,i.e. 40 imports and 35 non-imports.

Brandon Whitaker-RB- is no longer on the list; I know that he was released on November 29,2010 ,as per CFL transactions, but his name had remained on the roster,until now.

Ike Charlton-LB- is also no longer on the roster; he must have been released. In the off-season Jim Popp keeps players releases "quiet"

Tracy Ford-RB- has been added to the roster; he was at training camp,but suspended,then on and off the practice roster in 2010.

The 75 players consist of:
QB- 5 imports
RB/FB-8,i.e. 4 imports and 4 non-imports; includes Martin Bédard who is more a LS.
WR/SB- 11, i.e. 8 imports and 3 non-imports.
OL- 10, i.e. 1 import and 9 non-imports.
DL- 15, i.e. 8 imports and 7 non-imports.
LB- 13, i.e. 6 imports and 7 non-imports.
DB- 11, i.e. 6 imports and 5 non-imports.
K- 2 imports.

8 days from now,players such as Duval, Mayne and Leak -free agents- should be off this list/roster. Avon and Damon will be signed; I don't worry. I just wonder why it takes so long with Ramon; may come with other annoucements.


According to RDS-yesterday- Jim Popp told Rick Moffatt that Whitaker did/does not want to sign with the Als/be at training camp.if Avon Cobourne is back.


I've really tried to remain neutral towards Whitaker, but as I've stated before, only he and one other player were released on November 29. There is a reason for that!!!!!!!!!!! They were the ones that needed to go. Whitaker has been signed, released, signed, released, signed, released, practice roster. So if he doesn't want to show at camp because AC is there, I don't think anyone's going to lose sleep over it.

This is the year we have to focus on getting the best/most experienced players we can get. Not stacking the PR with wannabe players. Either a player can play the game and fill the void when needed, or he can't. It's simple. Those who can't don't need to be here.

So far, things are heading in the right direction.