5 MVP CGY???

Okay its a little late but after the grey cup i watched tsn and the highlights and after they said Burris was the 5th QB for the stamps to get MVP and i can only think of Dickenson, Garcia, Flutie, Burris,_________ so who is the 5th that i cannot seem to figure out.

Marcus Crandell

I see only 4 calgary MVP winners. However, replace Dickenson with Crandall.

ok so it Burris,Garcia, Flutie, Crandall and than the only other MVP i found was Wayne Harris but i was certain TSN said there were 5 QB MVP’s for CGY but i guess they could have just made the mistake of adding QB into the sentence.

Peter Liske was a MVP was he not.

Not sure what year would that have been because all i have found were:
1971- Wayne Harris
1992- Flutie
1998- Garcia
2001- Crandall
2008- Burris

Also would have Peter Liske won it but not have won the grey cup.
**Calgary also won the grey cup in 1948 but the was no MVP listed.

Gee I love it when posters trigger memories.

Wouldn't every CFL team love to have a young Wayne Harris right now? What a competitor he was...........

Cooper Harris did play for a bit I believe with Edmonton. Cooper was Waynes son who played linebacker.