5 Minutes to go. Where's Caulley?

The guy had 10 runs this game and 100 yards rushing up to the point of possesion with 5 mintues to go. The Cats have the ball and we need a touchdown to win. So what the does our offensive co-ordinator call? Pass play. (Richie had about 130 yards thus far). Not only is it a pass play but one where Richie stands in the pocket (which he was ineffecive doing all game long.) So no roll out, no fake hand-off, which he excells at, nothing. He throws side-arm for crying out loud... he had 2 passes already knocked down. We needed to kill 5 minutes and score a touchdown. Either give it to Caulley or let Richie roll out and run it. It was working all game long. But no, we had to shoot ourselves in the foot once again with BONE HEAD play calling. Some will say this is 2nd guessing after the fact, but I can tell you before that series started I was screaming for them to run it with Caulley or at the least let Richie use play action and run it if nothing was there. We did not need to lose this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoever made those calls is as big an idiot as the one who decided to punt with 3 mintues to go and down 2 touchdowns.

I agree with you 99% here. We should have utilised the running game as it was working all night. But I still believe that we should have punted.

We did punt. We lost. We hadn't been able to stop Roberts all night and Glenn tossed for almost 300 yards against us with no sacks. So you think we are going to stop them and score 2 touchdowns in 3 mintutes? You're a graduate of the Taaffe/Bellefeuille/Creehan school of thought, aren't you?

He was 17 for 21 a that point.


That's ridiculous logic.

It's like saying you expect us to get a 3rd and 11 when couldn't even get a 3rd and one resulting in a turnover.

If you have been watching Richie... you would see that he is not a drop back passer. He hesitates back there and all his sacks tonight happened when he sat back and looked for a receiver. He is the type of player that makes things happen when he rolls out or runs. If you watch him run, he holds the ball like he's going to throw it but at the same time he is running almost full speed. He usually picks up big yardage when he rolls and he throws better when he is out of the pocket... .like a Doug Flutie who also was know for a side arm throwing style.

5 minutes to go where is Caulley....

How about 55 minutes to go where is Caulley????


How many QB's fumble on a 3rd and one?????? You make it sound like that is all the Tiger-Cats are good for. Give me a break. With some DECENT offensive vision, like what Danny Mac would have brought... we could have won this freaking game!!!!!

My point exactly. I'm using your style of reasoning. 3rd and 11 isn't going to likely happen.

With some DECENT offensive vision, like what Danny Mac would have brought... we could have won this freaking game!!!!!

THAT is funny! Yup, Danny's offensive vision would have made Richie put two hands on the ball.

Danny's offensive vision would have prevented Richie from throwing a pass right at a defender jumping right in his face.

Danny's offensive vision would have made Wilson catch the balls that hit him in the hands. TWICE.

Danny's offensive vision would have given our line the ability to surge forward for less than a yard on third down.

Danny's offensive vision would make Richie's long passes come down somewhere in the area of the reciver.

Too funny!

Tell me please, what is Danny's offensive vision?

Newsflash to some: to predict ANYTHING from the way this team plays at the moment is a bit much! LMAO

Inconsistency. Period. Flashes of brilliance followed by howlers on alternating series if not alternating downs.

The Caulley disappearance from the gameplan is systematic of the staggering disconnect that Hamilton Ticat offensive and defensive coordinators have had since the end of the 2002 season, if one has to peg a point in time on it.

On offense, I have NEVER seen a team go game-to-game and abandon getting the ball to their best playmaker or running a successful play like this franchise. Even the worst CFL teams I can remember knew where their bread was buttered and got the ball in their best guy(s)' hands!

For the Cats, it means that you see competitive games where Lumsden or Caulley get the ball less that 15 times when they are/can/could blow the game open! It means Corey Holmes WASTES a year here by largely being a sideline trophy in his time here. It is a form of self-sabotage that absolutely takes my breath away!!

When the team is not securing the ball, it makes that disconnect even more glaring.

Oski Wee Wee,


Other teams don't have to worry about stopping Lumsden or Caulley.....

we do it for them.

Your quoting a few plays... as we all know the game involves more than a few plays that you like to quote over and over. It involves 4 quarters of insightfull, visionary, and sometimes obvious play selection. We have not gotten that at all from this coaching staff, except for maybe last week.

AMEN..... What the hell is wrong with the coaching staff??????????????????????????????????????



Exactly! I couldn't believe how little they used Caulley last night! We've been a running team for how long... and then last night decide to try to be a passing team. Well that won't work with receivers who can't hang onto the ball...

Yes, plays that had more influence on the outcome than most others.

It involves 4 quarters of insightfull, visionary, and sometimes obvious play selection.
How do you explain 400 yards offence with only 17 points scored?

It can't be play selection, because that's a very substantial chunk of yardage with a low scoring total that can be mainly attributed to costly and ill timed errors on the field.

BTW, my reference to 17 of 21 for 81% average passing stats for Richie was wrong.

I got that from the TSN broadcast last night. Today's stats are showing 14 of 27 for just over 50%.