5 CFL stadiums larger than LA Chargers new home

I want to say that this is my first post on this forum. I am from Mississippi, and right now I am watching BC at Saskatchewan. In my opinion, the Roughriders' new stadium yes a much better venue than the StubHub Center in Los Angeles, the new home of the Chargers after moving from San Diego, which had been their home city since 1961, The year after they had play their first season in LA. The Chargers' new home only has a capacity of 27,000 people. Did you know that five CFL teams have stadiums with seating capacities larger than the StubHub Center. The venues are:
BC Place, McMahon Stadium, Commonwealth Stadium, Investors Bank Field, and Modaic Stadium. (Actually six if you count Olympic Stadium/Stade Olympique in Montréal, which is used by the Alouettes for playoff games and the Grey Cup). I will try to get back to this post to put down the capacities of the stadiums I am mentioning. In my opinion, the CFL has many excellent venues for football, however, I would like to see more grass fields in the CFL. I know Toronto has grass in their stadium, but the end zones are composed of FieldTurf.

Welcome JayBBlue Jay. Remember though, if you are an MLB Blue Jays fan, reading your handle, the Detroit Tigers are simply the best MLB franchise, at least IMHO. Ok, got that out of the way right off the bat. Cats love to eat little birdies as we know as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting about the Chargers stadium. One thing though is I think that the future of pro sports is more about the stadium being more of a studio, like a show as in Dr. Phil that is very successful but done in a small studio environment. The key is the best delivery possible via digital media and television and to really work how that can work best to attract the most viewers. The day of large stadiums and arenas as the key to success for pro sports teams is coming to an end IMHO. I bet that even with just a 27,000 seating capacity, low by NFL standards of course, the Chargers will make money due in large part to the NFL television and digital media contracts.

It's only a temporary stadium..

True dawg.

Hey, speaking of stadiums, this rendition of a possible new Rays stadium looks like a neat design:

Good lord is that ever beautiful.

...unfortunately we have this little thing here called winter which turns grass fields into the equivalent of an asphalt parking lot...Field Turf may not be the purist's choice but the players health is more important...(PS - I say this with full knowledge that Soldier Field and Lambeau Field also have grass surfaces)...

I know that design prob won't be it...
But that roof looks like a big kite.
One good hurricane and the Gators will have a new roof for their stadium in Gainesville

Have to admit it sure does look like a kite as you say. A cool one though. :wink:

Aerial as you may remember, I lived and worked in Clearwater Florida in the Tampa Bay area for five years until 2015.
Flooding even not in proximity to the water is common during storm season from about late May to about early October give or take three weeks depending on the year.
That's why the snowbirds, including many Canadians (the Jays train in Dunedin in the area and have a good scene there too), leave Florida.
A retractable roof as noted in Miami would seem to me like the better choice, but they are quite costly additions as noted.
Given that otherwise beautiful design, I would be very sceptical of costs for maintenance including especially those associated with the drainage of those grounds during especially storm season. Tarps will work to help keep the field dry during routine showers even with all that cover, but when the big storms with high winds hit and given the proximity to all that water I truly have to wonder how that is all going to hold up. I could foresee common game delays and prolonged delays for sure.
Anyone who thinks they have seen rain, unless you have been in the Caribbean or somewhere in Central or South America during storm season, go to Florida in the summer and then get back to me. It's just that much of a difference.