5 CFL Games to be played in Moncton

Moncton is negotiating with the CFL to hold 5 Regular season games in Moncton, games would be played at the new universite de Moncton stadium:

[url=http://sports.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cbc-article.aspx?cp-documentid=21505986]http://sports.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cb ... d=21505986[/url]

We better not lose a home game over this.

Take one from the Blue team :slight_smile:

Just means that your season ticket package will now have 8 games instead of 9.
Games in July are not well attended so maybe they could give up one in July.

Take them all from the blue team, they never win at home anyway.

LOL I love your profile picture. :thup:

It's about time.PLease don't send the blue team.WE want to see a REAL football team.The Tiger Cats.Halifax would have been closer but Moncton's not too bad.Oskee wee wee.

If the Maritimes shows it can support a team, and Ottawa gets their stuff together it would be pretty cool to see the league expand. Kick the bombers back into the west and have two 5 team divisions. I'd gladly sacrifice one home game (over five years) to see this happen. Is Ottawa still trying even?

I hope this comes to fruition, would be great and great to see a city out east wanting high level football and working with the CFL. :thup:

"Is Ottawa still trying even" man where have you been????
Go over to the Ottawa renegade site and read the latest posts on Lansdowne Live.
The new Ottawa team should be ready to play in 2013

Here's one of the links to see the latest on Ottawa's stadium:

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/news/ottawa/2009/09/02/10727011.html]http://www.ottawasun.com/news/ottawa/20 ... 27011.html[/url]

Google news (any surfer news service) is your friend.

This is good news.

I was just there inspecting some work and I was shocked to see that the brand new field (natural) is way to small for CFL football. They will have to scrap the natural field or scrap the race track to accomodate CFL Football. Kind of disapointed to see such a waste of money and lack of forward thinking once again.

Also chatted with personel of the Athletic department to see if they were going to field a CIS football team and they can't see it since they've just cut Woman's hockey, Men and Women's Basketball teams and Men's Volleyball team. There was at one time talk of having a mega football weekend where all four CIS teams and maybe the HS football championship and senior league championship could all be played in Moncton over a weekend.

So if a private individual wants to do like at U of Laval and buy himself a CIS football team, he'll have a hell of a venue. Lots of parking and access from Hyw 2 and Hyw 15. Very little shielding from the elements but the seating is fairly close and if they wrap it around with some temporary seating could be quite the party house. Of course there is no concessions facilities, public washrooms or team locker rooms as of yet. But once the new building is built and a lot of the personel relocated they may be able to remodel de CEPS to fit that purpose better.

I took a bunch of pictures to share but MRX hasn't fixed the forum (its been months now) that only the mods have image priviledges.... Bob can you get this fixed at some point. It's pretty lame...

Hmmm. I'm thinking you need stuff like that. You had me up to that point. Perhaps this is why I have been hoping for Halifax as I'm sure they realize people need to pee and players need to change into their gear in private.

You see the building (CEPS) behind the grand stands houses the Gyms, 1 cardio, 1 atlantis/free weight, Locker rooms, Tennis courts, Kynesiology department and pools as well as brand new 480 door men locker room and a 270 door women's locker room, from what I'm hearing the Kynesiology department is going to be moved to the new buildng and that would allow the building connected to the outdoor stadium to be refitted. The indoor tennis court could be converted easily in to an indoor football practice facility, what CFL Team has a regulation indoor football practice field connected to their stadium? The weight gym needs serious upgrades, a couple 60 stall locker rooms and washrroms at each end of the building and they are real close.... No idea how they would setup concession stands however.

Also the Stadium itself is the property of the City of Moncton, while the building belongs to the school...

I have no clue how they will work all this out... It has possibilities but your looking at another 25 million to adapt the building alone.

Give them some exhibition games. I don't want to lose any regular season games. That can take away from our home field advantage with crowd noise.

Bad, bad, bad idea!

It's an insult to any teams fans to take a home game away!

Give them pre-season games.

Although this is positive news, I hope the commish changes his mind as the minimum should be a 25,000 seater even for a one off.
A future expansion must have at least a 30,000 seater with some private boxes.

Interesting letter to the editor in a Moncton paper:

[i]To The Editor:

A new downtown events centre that holds roughly 9,000 is a great idea.

I thought the capacity of the Coliseum was similar to 9,000? Not that I am disagreeing with the need, just the opposite, go, get it done; it's 15 years late already.

I can see a possible home for our Q hockey team and the team has earned it. Especially after last year and getting the boot from the Coliseum during the playoffs. If I was the owner of the team I would be inclined to demand first rights on the events centre. At no time should a competitive team have to give up its home ice advantage; that was just plain wrong and clearly indicated the need for a new facility.

A new centre downtown has so many advantages; from conventions to figure skating shows, and from music performers to trade shows. In short it is a great idea, please get it up and running within two years.

With respect the Coliseum, it is on a great location but the expandability of the design simply is not there. Might I suggest an alternative? Build a new Coliseum, a home for CFL football and viable as a major entertainment centre. It should have minimum seating capacity of 25,000, with retractable roof and it should be convertible for speed skating and ice hockey.

At first glance the reader might be tempted to say, "ouch, too expensive!" Consider what sporting events the Metro Moncton Area could host with this new Coliseum; world hockey, ice and speed skating championships, major indoor entertainment attractions and most importantly, a Maritime CFL team.

We cannot attract a major CFL investor to step forward without a place to play and we cannot sell season tickets to a team that does not exist; design a first-class facility in a great location with a federal, provincial and local government financial agreement that it will be built and everything else will fall in place.

If the cost of this facility were to run to $ 200 million, it would still be a bargain. If the Moncton area is to be the Hub of the Maritimes, then we must seize the day and build for the growth that is sure to come.[/i]

No… it doesnt “Just mean that my ticket package has 8 home games instead of 9” its one less Ticat home game that I get to attend, one less time to see my team and one less time to go to the ballpark. It has nothing to do with cost.

If it puts a team in the Maritimes then I'd sacrifice one home game with the expectation of a reciprocate special package on the first TiCats game in their stadium.

Do people understand that it is five games over five years ? So one home game per team over five years. If fans are too selfish to give up one of fourty-five games... For the few who can't handle that why not visit Moncton, at this time of year its especially beautiful.