5 CDNs on Defense

A franchise first ? mightypope ?

This week we seem to be going with 4. According to Drew Edwards Davis is playing Half with Rogers playing corner :cowboy:

I still think that every player should be Canadian; other than maybe QB's.

What I would like to see is them reverse the ratio, and make it so you can only start 3-5 Americans.

There are far too many Americans that just see the CFL as a stepping stone to the NFL, rather than wanting to stay and thrive up here. This all causes very high turnover rates, which are almost always Americans, and it's hard for fans to truly embrace most players as fans because so many come and go.

Make the CFL MORE Canadian.

I guess the coaching staff doesn’t give a rats ass about sacks , we will be at the bottom again! DE - bookends that can put a QB on his ass, Man I miss a Montford or a Hickman type impact RUSH end :cowboy:

In recent years, no doubt. Certainly not in franchise history. In 1952, for example, teams were only allowed 8 import players so most of the players on offence or defence would have been Canadian.

Pfft. Whadda you know.

That experiment didn’t work out too good did it??

Looks like we need some International starters on the “D” - :smiley:

No we don’t. Bulcke and Laurent were two of the best defensive tackles in the league last year. Plesius, has the size and skill, he will get better. Butler was great at safety his rookie year, he is also fine. They played against one of the best Olines in the league, so give it time.

The Defence was not the problem in the last game. They played quite well once the first quarter was over.

How so? The defense gave up as many points in the second quarter as they gave up in the first. The game was essentially over by about one minute into the second quarter.

It’s the CFL. Every defence gives up points. Watch the film. The Defence played well.

I judge defenses by the number of points they allow and, ultimately, whether they can prevent the other team from scoring more points and winning the game. That holds for the CFL or any other league that determines league standings by wins/losses and by points for/points against.
In the end, points allowed, as it relates to team wins, is the only defensive statistic that matters IMO.

Are you serious???

From Kirk Penton in the Winnipeg Sun…and I couldn’t agree more, he makes a lot of sense

The league should have changed the ratio when we added Ottawa. Should have lowered the number of Canadians. It’s still July, and we can’t find Canadians worth a (hoot) on the street. If we lose another Canadian starter or two, where are we going to find replacements? No one will trade Canadians. We’ve tried, but we always get ‘Can’t trade our Canadians.’ Everyone has the same problem. Four months of football left to play and barely enough good Canadians in July …
[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/07/30/west-dominance-stirs-up-realignment-talk]http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/07/30/wes ... nment-talk[/url]

I am for more nationals, and a roster spot for National QB,s to develop!!

This is the CFL, not nfl minor system!!

I am sure there are many CIS and Junior football players who don't even get a look because of their position played or the school they attended!!
The CFL combine for the draft should include 150 CIS players not just 50 or so!!
I agree the CFL should not be a revolving door for nfl wanna bees from south of the border!!

I agree with Penton. This is a country of 35 million where football is a distant second to hockey in terms of grassroots investment and funding. We simply do not have the infrastructure, money, or raw numbers to produce enough quality Canadian players to fill 7 starting spots over 9 teams. Next year, I would drop the starting national number to 6.

oh man imagine that, all canadians it'd be so sloww and boring. Like just watching CIS shows you how behind Canadians are compared to watching college football in the states the league would immediatly die if they did that.

Quoting someone from Winnipeg re. Canadian talent is rather absurd. When Taman was managing general, the Peg traded away draft picks. Walters is doing the best he can to develop and draft good young Canadians. Russ Jackson was not an instant star in Ottawa. He took time to become very good. The ratio is fine the way it is. Team scouting has to improve. The TiCats have solid Canadian starters with good back up talent. If Gaydosh and Urban become available, we could start an all Canadian DLine. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old non import guy)

There have always been great Canadian players in this league, but there's just always been too few of them. Craig Butler is out for tomorrow night, and the Cats' only option is Neil King. That is a huge talent drop-off. I cringe every time I see an opposing QB throwing to a guy King is "covering." It never works out well.

That is the problem in a nutshell. There are great Canadian players, but not enough of them, and in a country this size that isn’t passionately devoted to growing football at a grassroots level, there will never be enough of them.

You can find seven Canadian starters for each team - you simply lower the bar even further on the level of skill, talent and athleticism required to be a Canadian starter in this league. That is exactly what teams are doing to meet the ridiculous quota rules.
In the end, it’s the fans who suffer as they’re forced to watch these under-skilled, under-talented players taking up valuable roster positions which could be used to provide a more entertaining and exciting on-field product.