$5 Cats/Argos Tix (September 9)

[quote]Toronto Argonauts JOB FAIR

Saturday September 9, 2006 at Rogers Centre 1:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

We're putting Toronto to work!

Bring your resume, meet companies and agencies that are looking to hire and watch a great football game! Employers include: TorontoJobs.ca, Laidlaw, Argos, North American Strategy, TTC, Humber College , Adecco, Acces and many more!

Tickets are only $5 for the job fair and the Argonauts game!

Purchase a ticket for the game at the following locations:

2 Robert Speck Parkway
Suite #750
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 1H8

or Any of the following Access Locations:

2100 Ellesmere Road, Suite 250 Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3B7 (416) 431-5326

489 College Street, Suite 100 Toronto, Ontario M6G 1A5 (416) 921-1800

151 City Centre Drive Suite 700 Mississauga, Ontario L5B 1M7 (905) 361-2522

or visit www.argonauts.ca to see a list of other places where tickets can be purchased across the GTA.

**For More Information please email: http://www.torontojobs.ca/en/jobs/view. ... 5cf0e3f662

$5 is too much to spend to spend for a Ticats fan right now. Maybe if you offer a $50 reward you might have more luck... Naw my time is worth more than $50 for 5 hours

I realize that this is a Cats board, but there are a few Argo fans here, so I'll post this too:

[url=http://www.mytorontomeeting.com/Visitor/SpecialDeals/ViewCoupons?couponIds=]http://www.mytorontomeeting.com/Visitor ... couponIds=[/url]{421DACED-750E-450C-ADCB-7EF19F25D325}

I am sure you can find an Argos board. I doubt very much that your spam is allowed on this board

I'm not trying to spam, it's just a deal I came across and thought I'd share with the other posters of this board. The first one had to do with their team, and the second was related to the first post.......

Ads are spam. Really simple. The fact that its an ada for the competition doesn't make it better regardless of the Cats being in town that night.

PaoPao is going to have to cough up $5 to get into this game.

But both can be used to go watch this board's team.

spam is spam GET LOST

Who died and left you in charge, Willie?

Be happy! Take your own advice.

Thank you for the INFO :thup:

I am very sorry to upset you turbo.......I was going to continue posting, but seeing as how you told me to get lost, no, sorry, GET LOST, I'll leave here and never post again until you let me know it's okay to do so. Any other wishes before I leave?

Repeat after me ..... Argos Suck.

I won't get banned like spammers routinely do on just about EVERY message board

Good price, but too bad it means going to Sky Dump.

Okay here goes:

Argos star star star star.

Take some salt and keep up the well informed and entertaining posts.

Today, I do not need to look outside my own back 110yard to find anything that *****

O we certainly suck but that doesn't mean that the Argos don't as well

You lied
surprise surprise