5 and 23

That is approaching a record for a coach retaining his job.
Blame the players. Blame the coordinators. Blame the scouts. Blame the weather.


Patience!! HA!!
How many YEARS? I am not talking about not making the playoffs---that is a pipe dream for others, not us...

I am talking about having a meaningful game after Labour Day.
When is the last time a Tiger Cat game after Labour Day mattered? When????

The problems of week 1 are the problems of week 10. A sign of poor coaching.
Mistakes and turnovers are a sign of discipline lacking....again.....coaching. YES...bad snaps, fumbles, penalties, turnovers ARE related to coaching and preparation. They ARE something for which a coach MUST be held accountable.

2 and 9?
5 and 24....5 and 25.....
5 and 100????

This has to stop.

When is the last time our disgusting excuse for a football team even took a chance? A fake kick?
A gamble?
Go for the gawsh darn touchdown instead of kicking.
What do we have to lose?
We will lose anyway...go down with some fight.

This is an embarrassment again.

WHO, you ask?
Who cares I answer.

Who cares.

Ha ha, great post. Let it all out.

Relax, Taaffe will be gone at the end of the year. Now is not the time to pull the trigger on hiring a new coach because who do you hire? All the coaches worth having are already coaching somewhere. I'm betting that Taaffe gets fired the day after the season is over and we go from there.

I do agree with your point that desperate times call for desperate measures. We need to take some more chances (any chances) and be a little more creative. As I was sitting in the stands, I was thinking, man we should run a reverse on this kickoff return, or have a running back throw a pass, or run that hook and ladder play that Boise State ran in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma (I know we have this play, we tried it earlier in the year).

The major point is that we keep beating our heads against the wall, and that's not working. So Taaffe, let's try something else.

I agree with everything you say...but why wait?

I heard that in week 4..."it would be a mistake...we're still in the race"....well...guess what?
So maybe a change then would have made a difference and maybe a change now will make a difference for next year.
It's not just about who comes in...it's about HOW they come in.....can the attitude start to change now?
Can players be challenged? Can they be properly utilized and showcase something we haven't seen or they haven't been given a chance to show.
Heck, maybe this Lumsden kid can run with the ball...maybe a new coach will give it to him a few times to see what he can do....

Change the coach.
But....change the attitude...and do it NOW.

Tommyboy, tell us what you really think. Don’t hold back, let it all out!

Actually, I agree with pretty much everything you said.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well, you can fire Taaffe now. But you're not going to change the offence or the defensive systems we have in place. Any new coach would come in and basically have to inherit the schemes because there isn't time to totally revamp the playbook. And our current plays are bad. (And so is our execution of those plays.)

Do we need a change in leadership? Yes. Do we need better players? Yes. Do we need a new offensive AND a new defensive scheme? Yes.

I'm all for getting a new head coach, but I don't think a new coach is going to work miracles at this point in the season. We all thought Taaffe was going to work miracles when he got hired. (And Greg Marshall before that.) That didn't work out now did it.

This organization stinks from the top down right now. It's not just the coaching, it's not just the players, it's everything. EVERYBODY is not pulling their weight.

So somebody needs to pay a price.....



This is not a "microwave mentality" anymore. It's a slow cooker that has lost it's heat.

I’m going to take some heat for this,but I would like Mr.Bob Young to sell the team!Hopefully to someone with some football saavy.As bad as Grant and McDonald were,at least we had a decent team for a few years .If those guys had Mr.Young’s money,I think we might have been contenders for more than the 4 years that we were.

Mr. Young is a very good salesman.Look how long he’s conned people into spending money on his subpar product!I’m glad he’s improved the gameday experience at the stadium,but other than one season,this team is a train wreck from the top on down.There has been nothing but chaos form upper management and this is the main reason no player wants to play here.Why would they?Everyone knows this team is run like a joke.

I realize this is an unpopular thing to say here,but I see no way things will change while Mr.Young owns the team.Frankly,what was the point of saving the team if it was going to put up 3-15 seasons year after year?Just for the sake of having a team?

Thanks Bob for all you have done,but it’s time to put the team up and sell it to someone who is more than just a salesman…He/she/they have to be football people too…