5 and 2

5 and 2 and tied for 1st. Not pretty tonight. But it was another road win. Great job Coach Austin.

Yup feels good, it was an overall team effort and the D stoped them when they had to, nice to have some bounces going our way for once (missed feild goal fumbled and recovered on TOs 5). Offense needs to work on adjusting to how the deffense adjusts to them, was a problem in the edmonton game, this week in TO they came out really strong in the first quarter and went pretty silent after that. Regardless they got it done. Hope well sell out Taylor feild this week.

Overall a very good game. It was a battle of two strong defenses. It really came down to two or three plays, or it could have been a different outcome.

Saskatchewan as team showed up for the 60 minutes. That was good to see, and Austin had them prepared well.

I'm not so sure Mike. Didn't Joseph have over 100 passing yards in the first quarter? He finished with only 188 yards. I thought the defence was solid for 60 minutes, but the O was a little weak again. Not trying to be negative or take away from another big road win, just an observation of offensive output.

Yeah it was a good game between two great teams. And hey, give credit to Rocky Butler. He fought hard and made some pretty good plays.

The offense needs to pick it up a little, it seems like they cant sustain a lot of drives. They might get away with that against a team like the Argos, but they wont against teams like the Bombers and a totally healthy Lions team.

Every aspect of the game will have ebbs and flows. The offense started good, then sort of mellowed out. In the third and fourth quarters they weren't putting up big numbers but they did control the clock and make the most of their opportunities. Special team have been good (bordering on great) all year. The defense was strong, they bent when needed and stiffened when needed.

Compare that to the Edmonton...the Defense disappeared for a quarter and Edmonton was able to come back. They eventually adjusted and tighten up. But the offense was not able to manage the clock or put anything together.

The O-line is getting better and did an okay job, only gave up 3 sacks. The problem with Joseph, is he is takes a long time to get set up. Many times everyone knows it is going to be a pass play and he is still going through the motions of handing off. He actually gets a fair amount of time back there.

I was happy for Rocky too, but he had no business passing for over 300 yds against our defense. He's been on their team, what, a week? Our defense has been great all year. But the last 2 games, OL's double team Fred Perry, and the pressure on the QB goes way down. I'm really looking forward to Juriniek getting back into the lineup.

Only 40 yards in penalties, and zero turnovers - that was impressive to me. I wasn't even remotely impressed with the Riders' offence much past the first quarter, though.

Maybe we need to accept the fact that the Toronto defence is one of the best in the league (ranked 2nd going into the game) and then our offensive performance doesn't look too bad.

If we aren't in first after Labour Day I'll be surprised/dissappointed.

ya we have problems on the offence and if they dont fix it real soon, it WILL catch up to us! :cowboy:

Austin is sandbaggin the play calling
He will bust out a whole new playbook when the time is right. Well at least that is what I tell myself. Not that we are doing bad. It is hard to say our offence struggles whrn they are doing better than our opponents offence.

imo i think the offence can do more better than it is now and i think its struggling. :cowboy:

We had a whole year of lights out offence - Hank's first year, and we were 5-13. I'll take the W, thanks.

We lead the league in points scored, and are still basically playing a WR down with Yo out. Corey Grant only has one route, I think.

Either Murphy will come back and help, or as NFL cuts start leaking north, that position is going to get better - another big body opposite Matt would be sweet. We'll just have to find another place to start a Canadian if this happens.

But to win on the road, against TO's D, with no turnovers....I wasn't unhappy with our boys at all.

No swing passes to Cates? Maybe he is saving them for the next game. Ricky Ray odf the Eskies untilized McClendon very well with those kind of plays when you lost to them and again this week against HAMILTON.

I cant wait until YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is healthy!!!

5-2 is great,defense has played terrific,but I think the secondary still needs work(time to gel).KJ has been great,consistent.Kent has him thinking not to throw the picks and relax,lets just hope he stays healthy,maybe give him a rest along the way there still 11 games to go!! How about that Cates,who needs Keith

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the Riders #1 defending against the pass.