5 Als Make CFLPA All Star Team

Bourke, S.J. Green, Cox, Tisdale, with Hebert being picked as safety :roll:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/jon-cornish-henry-burris-headline-cflpa-all-star-team-1.2435890]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/j ... -1.2435890[/url]

Interesting that Tisdale, not always loved on this forum, made the team because of the way it is selected:

"But, while the CFL awards are selected by members of the Football Reporters of Canada and the league's head coaches, the CFLPA received 340 ballots from current players on all eight teams as well as positional coaches for each club. Only players who have played in 12 or more games during the season are eligible, and players and coaches may not vote for a member of their own team.

One more twist: The players only vote for the all-stars in the positions they go head-to-head with. For example, wide receivers are voted on by defensive backs and secondary coaches. "

Tout de même curieux que Hebert soit sélectionné comme maraudeur alors qu'il n'a pas joué à cette position cette saison.

Herbert and the Riders Butler played Will LB but were voted in as safety and HB respectively :?

Also I do not know if it was done purposely but I like that the LBs were voted representing their specific LB position. Cox SAM, Muamba MLB, Ball WILL.
The CFL voting just lumps the LBs all in one group.

Last season Ovechkin was voted the NHL first team right wing AND second team left winger. :? :lol:

Voting is not limited to experts familiar with more than names and stats.