5.065M Watch Super Bowl

Wow, just wow.... Do you actually think this means anything?.... by this same line of thinking over 28M didn't watch the Grey Cup..... so your point is again?

I watched the final maybe 2 minutes. Just in hope of the Patriots losing, to shut up the media. Guess that was wrong, it just gives them more fuel, of a different kind.

Pretty funny isn’t isn’t it , how some just can’t get over the fact that people here watch the NFL ? It really is pointless , these immature threads about the same old crap all the time .
On the Superbowl however , very entertaining game , much better game than the last Grey Cup game. No doubt some know it alls who never watched will say otherwise though.

pennw, you're opinion, personally I enjoyed the GC more than the SB, GC was better for me. Just me though. Both were excellent though, close that made both interesting.