4th Quarter Defence

The Rider's defence not only played amazing, but also proved they can put up late fourth quarter stands when it matters most. This game was a nail biter because in the back of my mind i was just thinking about the 4th quarter defence we seen against BC. Riders defence and more specifically Eddie Davis sealed the win for the Riders. On second note Marcus has a good game as well as Winnepegs defence played great as well. Of course our workhorse Kenton Keith came up with the plays when we needed them and fought for every yard he got.

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P.S a series sweep feels really nice! :smiley: :smiley:

I thought i was the only one biteing my nails thinking they would give this one away. I'm really happy they played solid throughout the game, hopefully this will be the new riders and they can keep that monkey off their backs.

That sweep makes up for last year.
Listening to CJOB... Daley was scrapping with the announcers... yeesh
that long drive in the 4th was also key... nice miss Mccallum... ugh...
Now it's time to drop everyone back into coverage when the eskimos come to town... show their running game zero respect and shut down ray or maas!

Awesome play by Eddie Davis intercepting that ball. He shut down Stegall all night only 1 catch. I still don't think that you see the explosiveness up front with the veterns like you have seen with the young guys. This is not about defence, but whoever made the call to run a quaterback draw on the second last drive of the game should have their job on the line. That was a bonehead call. I think that is was second and six, and I think that you need to go for a touchdown because if they would have made the field goal they still would have had to score a touchdown. Good win tonight, but I would still like to see them put up more than 19 points before I can feel comfortable with them playing the better teams.

Eddie Davis for Premier!

I agree with bigj, the win felt nice but our offence still seems to be stalling at times. Whether its the bad play calls when it matters most, dropped footballs, well overthrown passes, or in this game the constant prssure by Winnepegs D-line if we wann get a major win streak under our belts were going to need to be able to march the ball down field and get the touchdown not settle for field goals or field goal misses :?

What do you think about Charles Thomas, personnaly I can see why he didn't even make it to the mini camps in the NFL. He is constantly missing blocks and then he stands there and doesn't even attempt to make up for his mistake. He is not even a good run blocker so why are we waisting out non import talent on him. Lazeo did a better job than him. Look at how bad he did in B.C. in the West Final. I think Roy can find someone better than him. We really need the Big Chill and Andrew Greene back. It will be scary to see what our running game can do hey.

I was thinking after the missed field goal...oh boy here we go again...Riders D finally prevents a loss... Hats off to Eddy he shut Stegall down for the whole game... Nate showed why he is important to this defense....Dwayne Lefall looked great.. see ya Benefield..
Crandell was unspectacular but steady...NO turnovers once again...except for a fumble.


I have to agree…I dont know what the Deal is on Thomas…would certainly freeup a spot on D or offense receivers…French AND Grant are playing horrible…another drop by French and Crandell throws a zinger across the middle and Grant drops that…I like Richardson but geez how much better can you throw the corner route and still drop the ball…
Oh well we won …but man o man we Need Dominguez back.

Good game Riders, you ground us down for the win tonight, cant believe we only scored 17 points at home, good luck in the playoffs....

i hate to ruin your rider pride, but i strongly disagree about the riders d. i think that they are good for nothing savages that cant stop no o fence in the cfl. i think my high school ofence could put up a good fight against the rider D. they are lacking a linebacker core, with an exceptional db crew. but if i were roy shivers, i wud cut the whole defence, and start from scratch, which they attempted to do in the past but which has obiously, not worked. out pce

Yeah, the defence really came up big but the reality is, we've won 5 games, 3 of which were against Winnipeg. The true litmus test comes Sunday against Edmonton.

You forgot to add one more statement to your post…

I have absolutely zero idea why Charles Thomas was picked up by the Jets. He is definetly our worst o-linemen. Not completely useless, but damn close.

And yes our Defence is good. Great to see NAte back there. the guy is a monster. You could tell he was sucking wind a bit though, not quite back into game shape. Hopefully we can get a few more picks next week. Hurt Ray's confidence early.
How about Perry and his 2 forced fumbles, good job there.