4th Quarter Decision

Does anyone think maybe Hamilton should have tried to punt rather than try to kick that last field goal? If Fleming hit it right, then Calgary would be pinned back inside the five yard line, in bad field position. I don't know...just a thought.

It is great!In theory.... if he can have bounce it out at the 5 yard line without the return team fielding it.

Think of how long it would have taken them to track down a low punt and get tackled, worst case is that it goes into the endzone, rolls around and takes even MORE time off the clock.

How about kicking a ball from field goal formation to the corner of the field, by the time the returner knew what was going on, it would have killed valuable seconds off the clock.

Or we could have just MADE the Field Goal ... But obviously that isnt even close to a sure thing with Boreham.


You've made your outright hatred of Jamie Boreham so well know now that it's looking like obsession........did he turn you down for a date or something?.... :roll:

Give it a rest!.....you are acting like you actually enjoy this. It's getting bizarre don't ya think?

Bizarre is how Jamie is still employed.

Career average of 61% ... so his chances of making that one was 6/10.

Keep Fishing.

Fishing?..Crash, you’ve been fishing for me for 3 years now and I don’t bite…I know that’s frustrating but I just don’t do it anymore…

Anyhow, the irony is that if anyone says a thing about Mike Morreale (or Bon Jovi), you go ballistic…

Be consistent…and for your info, Mike and Jamie are good friends…

Just state your hatred once…we get it!

What does Mike Morreale have to do with this? Is this grade 3? I have to like people by association?

Mike likes Jamie so because im a fan ok Mike's I have to like Jamie? I do like Jamie, nice guy, sat with him at philthies once.

The reality here is that Jamie Boreham is not doing his job, If your kid brought home a report card with 61% all over it you would be disappointed in him/her.

I want this team to succeed, not succeed with ONLY my favourite players but with whoever it takes to win. If that means Morreale, Maas, Flick, or Holmes, or anyone else I like for that matter are not part of it? I would rather see this team win than lose with players that arent professional. Check out other fan sites, they are ALL laughing at us for keeping Boreham around, he makes our kicking game an embarressment and those arent even our fans talking.

No hatred anywhere, just a "customer" displaying his displeasure with the product.

Dont like it? Dont respond.

Dont like it? Dont respond.
Good advice......which is why I've barely responded to most threads the past few weeks.....even to the point someone asked where I went to..... :roll:

Hope you take this advice too Crash and maybe just keep your thoughts to yourself for once and 'allow' others an opinion without pushing them around....

peace.......Happy Canada Day!

Keep my thoughts to myself on a forum that is about team discussion, if you look, most (if not all) of my posts are about football. This team and its getting better in whatever way possible. Including the release of your hero.

You look up about 5 posts and you'll see that YOU chose to call me out, and now that you realize you have no argument, and that my points were not out of line, you duck and leave.

Sorry but im not the one that posts about fluff.About 7,000 posts from the old site prove that only one person can post more about nothing in one day.

PS. Typing "peace" doesnt make your original post any less trolling.

Now how about we get back to the topic at hand and you can get get over whatever caused you to hijack this thread to begin with.

If you dont plan on responding to the topic at hand, it makes you a troll.

End of Story.

Crash...are you and "Zontar" the same person?......you two seem to have very thin skin when someone hits you with logic......argue with facts and not intimidation.....lol......you both seem to go insane when someone gives it back atcha!.....very strange.....

Anyways, I'll let you have the last word and won't respond to your rebuttal as it's silly...fire away! (this is a freebee!)

Anyways, I'll let you have the last word and won't respond to your rebuttal as it's silly...fire away! (this is a freebee!)
Hence the trolling i was talking about.

Im assuming its safe to discuss football again.

So anyways, As i said... kick out of FG formation down into the corner, or punt towards the corner should take time off the clock and help the time factor.

Either way their returner back deep in the endzone has to run up and grab the ball (keep in mind he was 10-15 yards deep in the endzone at the time).

Perhaps Coach Marshall was still yelling at the official over the Maas non call to make this decision and figured that Boreham making a FG would just end the game. Personally, i wouldnt have kicked the FG, probably the FG formation low driver.

No. If we make the field goal then we're up 4 with next to no time left and Calgary would have to score a TD. The reward of making the field goal far outweighed the risk of missing it. Plus, you don't play scared and expect your kicker to miss it. You pay him to make kicks, so you send him out there to make it.

If Boreham could be relied upon, there'd be no need for these other suggestions. And therein lies the problem. Anytime he takes the field to kick for 3, it's an iffy proposition. No wonder Marshall's temple vein pulsates like crazy.

An Argo fan

My son and I were calling for the punt. From the 45 Boreham has a lifetime 50% average. A punt kills more time and puts them deeper.

Even with a kicker in good form they needed the time off the clock more than they needed the points.

From all over the field he is 60% lifetime... not much better.

Is that acceptable for a potential championship franchise?

From all over the field he is 60% lifetime... not much better.

Is that acceptable for a potential championship franchise?


I know Crash and Zontar are not the same person because I've never seen them in the same room together...or apart.

I do however, agree with him/them!!! :lol:

I have to disagree. If we make the field goal we would have been up 4 points and Calgary would have needed a touchdown to win. (A field goal wouldn't have even been an option for them.)

If he makes the field goal it basically seals the win for us.

(I'm still mad at the defence for letting Calgary get into field goal range in 2 plays!)

They got the TD anyway so it is a moot point
whether we should have punted of tried for a FG.


Ron they came back when our Defense went into prevent /super prevent and leave the middle of the field open defence or similar.they moved the ball up on a couple of passes and kicked the game winning field goal with two seconds left.