4th Place Advantage

I have to believe that although no team fighting in the Western Conference would admit that they would rather go over to the East, it would appear to be a far more preferable route. In fact, 4th may even be preferable to second. If things stand as they sit right now, the Lions would fight it out with the Riders for the right to play the top ranked team in the league. The Eskimos would win the lottery by getting the 6-10 Bombers then on to Montreal.

I would have to say that I am not going to be upset if the Esks win the cross-over and as a side note, it now would represent the only chance for seeing the "Canadian Dream" of an Edmonton vs Calgary Grey Cup. Wouldn't that be sweet!

I don't know... Winnipeg has shown some life in the last few weeks. I wouldn't count them out just yet. And let's also keep in mind that our road record isn't that great (3-5). I think I'd rather have a game at home where we're 6-2.

I agree to a point, I definately want to see a home game at Commonwealth, if for no other reason that the gate and the chance to see the game live. When I said 4th may be better than 2nd, I was strictly referring to the quality of opponent.

I have to agree, I'd rather play the Bombers any day vs the other western teams. Anyone of the western teams are good enough to beat the Al's if on top of their game. The crossover is not a bad thing if you're 4th in the west.

Could this be the year of an all west Grey Cup? Calgary and Edmonton would be an interesting matchup, or even Calgary and Saskatchewan.

Bombers Calgary 2001 rematch with roles reversed; Winnipeg the underdog.

But yeah, it seems it’s not such a bad thing to be 4th in the west this year.

Though a Calgary vs. Edmonton Grey Cup would be cool to see, I doubt anyone is getting past Montreal in the East. More likely to be Calgary vs. Montreal (and Mtl would have the home advantage).