4th and Long

Is anyone watching this show on Spike tv?

These are the kind of guys I would love to have trying out for my team, did anyone see the episode Monday (22nd) these guys killed themselves for 5 hours, these guys have heart.

i love that show, :thup:

and that conditioning for 5 hours came after a night of drinking and about 3 hours of sleep.

I tried to watch the show but I just can't seem to get interested in it.

Oh man, I never miss an episode of that show. I really do enjoy it. But that might be because I have a bit of a vested interest in it considering I am a die hard Cowboys fan.

I hope Obie watches it because he should try to get his hands on Andrew Hawkins. I think he is perfectly suited for the CFL game.

  • paul

You took the words "right out of my mouth". :wink:



[i]"Posted Dec 5, 2008

Former University of Toledo wide receiver Andrew Hawkins has signed a free agent contract with the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL. "[/i]


  • paul

i love Hawkins, i think/hope he wins.

well, Jesse Holley won, i was really hoping Hawkins would win. I think if he was bigger, the cowboys would have chose him.

he is really well suited for the CFL.

any takers? :wink:

According to Jesse Holley's wikipedia page, he was a BC lion last year

He's was signed by Montreal in December 2008, he made the team. All the tools for our league is right...

Tonight was the final. I be on the phone for the two left overs I like that lil guy Hawkins. :cowboy:

I am huge Cowboy's fan that my NFL team. :rockin: